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Cleveland Family Chronicles will cease publication after the December 2014 issue. In place of the newsletters, use our Cleveland Family Forum to share queries and information. Please bookmark this page and stop by often to visit the forum. We hope you will consider this site as a cyber family reunion for all Cleveland/Cleaveland families!

Love and blessings,
Vikki L. Jeanne Cleveland

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Rooting Out Your AnceStory: A Primer for Beginning Genealogy

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Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail (to Kings Mountain)

Are you just beginning your search for your Cleveland roots? Have you ever looked at a very old photograph and wondered just who was that person who looked exactly like you?

Hey, is that rumor about Uncle Chuck *really* true???

*You* can play historical detective and find out the answers to these questions ~ and more! But where to start?

Vikki L. Jeanne Cleveland’s book, Rooting Out Your AnceStory: A Primer for Beginning Genealogy, gives you the basics for beginning your quest for your family’s roots. She shares genealogy tips she has learned after nearly 30 years of research on her own family history ~ which can be traced back to 1066 in Northern England during the Anglo-Saxon times of her ancestors Thorkil de Cliveland and his son, Uctred.

This book has no delusions of grandeur. It doesn’t promise to be an in-depth instructional text on *all* secrets involved in the genealogical process. Instead, it is a quick-read primer that gives you some credit for being smart enough to find out things on your own once you have been told just where to look.

The fun is in the quest ~ not in reading the roadmap. So get your instructions and begin your journey *HERE.* Order a hardcopy to keep in your genealogy bookcase or a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) copy for *immediate* download into your computer!

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