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Stories as of (7/4/01)

Josh/Donna page two:

(7/4/01) "238 Days" By Shelley

"Lucky Girl" By Marie-Claude

"One Foot in Front of the Other" By Ginny

"A Hummingbird in Shangri-La" By Lacy

"Confounding the Enemy" By Lacy

"Epilog" By Pix

"Insomina" pt.1 By RoyalNeptune

"T-Minus" By Lacy

"Hell and High Water" By Lacy

"The Space We Fill" By Pix

"Christmas Paradise" By Cindy

"Geneva Conventions: Sins of Omission"By Lacy

"Precious" By Cindy--sequel to "Chances" and "Love Conquers All"

"Geneva Conventions: Code of Honor" By Lacy

"Thunder in Our Hearts" By Pix

"Little Things" By Rose

"The Drunk" By Rose

"Elevator"By Rose

"A Moment That'll Never happen" By Pix

"How We Became Us" By Pix

"Something Good is Going to Happen" By Pix

"When the Stars Appear" By Pix

"Unguarded" By Lacy

"How Do I Live" By Mer--sequel to 'Best I Ever Had'

"A Little Night Music" By Cara

"Karaoke Blues" By Cindy

"Puzzles" By Michelle H.

"Great Expectations" By Allison

"Still Standing" By Allison--Sequel to Great Expectations

"Between a Man and a Woman" by Pix

"One Good Reason" By Lacy

"Trickle Down Relations" By Lacy

"Coincidences" By Pix

"My Knight in Shining Armor" By Rose

"Understanding" By Rose

"The Damsel" By Rose

"Professional" By Rose

"Distress" By Rose

"Happily" By Rose

"Vacationing in the Dairy State" By Rose

"Plagued" By Rose

"The Spanish Inquisition" By Rose

"Taking the Offense" By Lacy

"Plans and Privilege" By Lacy

"Holding Out,Reaching in" By Pix

"My Ability to Function" By Pix

"The Tears of St.Lawerence" By Pix

"Dreams and Promises" By Cindy

"White Noise" By Lacy

"All Before Noon" By Lacy

"Best I Ever Had" By Mer

"Life Went On" By Mer

"Smoke and Mirrors" By Lacy

"Missing Breakfast" By Lacy

"Limbo" By Pix

"Just Another Day" By Pix

"A Little Warm in my Heart" By Pix

"For All My Days Remaining" By Pix

"I'll Be" By Mer

"Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" By Mer

"Safe Passage" By Lacy

"Kaleidoscope's Lens" By Lacy

"Back to L.A." By Kerri--Donna's Point of View

"Back to LA:The Other Prospective" By Kerri--Josh's Point of View

"Flesh and Blood" By Lacy

"Basic Elements" By Lacy

"Best Served Cold" By Pix

"There's Something About Robert" By Pix

"Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines" By Pix

"Inside Me the Time Moves" By Pix

"This Crucible's Fire" By Lacy--21st in the 'Rocky Path' series

"Leaving Emerald City" By Lacy--20th in the 'Rocky Path' series

"House of Cards" By Lacy--19th in the "Rocky Path" series

"A Patriotic Pursuit" By Lacy

"Platinum Blonde" By Lacy

"Love Conquers All" By Amanda and Cindy--Josh and Donna's wedding day finally arrives

"Real Millenium Wish" By Kaya

"The Pursuit of Happiness" By Andrea--written before the second season premire--

"I Know the Way Out" By Irene

"Soft Light" By Lacy

"Event Horizon" By Ryo Sen

"Full Disclosure" By Lacy

"The Fool's Route" By Lacy

"Time Table" By Lacy

"The Man I Love" By Grasshopper Girl

"Someone to Watch Over Me" By Grasshopper Girl

"Rule My World" By Lacy

"Under Control" By Lacy

"This Rocky Path" By Lacy

"More than the Sum" By Lacy

"Touching Distance" By Lacy

"Damage Control" By Lacy

"Choreography " By Lacy

"Diminished Seventh" By Lacy

"Following King Henry" By Lacy

"Exclusive" By Lacy

Josh/CJ section:

"Strangers in the Night" By Allison S.

Josh/Donna section:

"Tenuous Grasp" By Michelle K

"The Magi's Gift" By Seshat

"Done"By JenF

"All Done"By JenF

"Over Done"By JenF

"Flowers and Food"By JenF

"Everything Will Be Ok" By Ginny

"Peppermint and Gold" By Ginny--sequel to "Everything Will Be Ok"

"Vision" By Allison

"Soap Operas and Soap Suds" By Seshat

"Til my Body is Dust" By Michelle K-- A different outcome to the Newseum shooting.

"Closer" By Kandra--sequel to "This Woman needs"--Josh and Donna's weekend of peace

"Scotch, Coffee and Sappy Fifties Love Songs." By Grasshopper Girl

"Aftershocks" By Cindy--Shortly after returning to work something happens that takes Josh right back to the shooting.

"Mistletoe and Twilight" By Cindy--an answer to the challenge 'of have Donna be shot at the Newseum instead of Josh'.

"This Woman Needs" By Kandra--Josh overhears Donna singing along to her Discman during a late night at work, and begins to realize that she might be trying to tell him something

"Pencil Me In" By Amanda - Josh has something very special scheduled on his daily calendar, but will he keep the appointment.

"Chances" By Cindy--Caitlin Bartlet helps Josh and Donna through a rough time. Set five years from West Wing's first season.

"Darkness and Light" By Cindy--Yet another look at the events of the shooting

"I've begun to realize" by Michelle K--Josh begins to realize his feelings for Donna.

"Eye for an Eye" By Steph--Things take an unexpected turn during Josh and Donna's flight to California, causing the President and Senior Staff to have to deal with the ramifications.

"Between a Rock and a Hard Place" pt.2/2 By Cindy

"A New Dawn" By Steph--Josh invites Donna on a ski trip, during which they deal with feelings for each other, as well as confront Josh's tragic past.

"Waking Nightmare" By Cindy--Spoilers for 'What Kind of Day has it Been'. Answer to the challenge 'Donna's reaction to the shooting'.

"Between Friends" 1/1 By Cindy--Josh becomes jealous when Sam and Donna start to spend time together, but all is not what it appears to be.

"Captive Hearts" By Amanda--A misunderstanding lands Josh and Donna in jail and in each others arms.

"Right Before My Eyes" 1/1 By Vicki--At the end of the Bartlet administration's term of office, Josh reveals his feelings for Donna to her. But is it too late?

"Between a Rock and a Hard Place" pt. 1 By Cindy--sequel to Pandora's Box--Lillienfield takes Leo's deal off the table. How far will Josh go to protect his boss?

"Joshua's Jealousy" 1/1 By Aquila--Josh wakes up

"On a Clear Day You Can See Tomorrow" By Susannah Nix--Josh worries that something may be wrong with Donna as she starts to pull away from him.

"Convergence" By Sarah--Josh's relationship with Joey Lucas leads to some realizations for Donna.

"Shattered Silences" 1/1 By Sarah--Donna reacts to the events of "What Kind of Day has it Been."

"Another 9 minutes" 1/1 By Cindy--Songfic--Josh and Donna spend some quiet time togther.

"Without and Within" 1/1 By Vicki--This takes place immediately following the events in 'What Kind Of Day Has It Been'. Donna reacts to the shooting.

"Always" 1/1 By Cindy--A tradgey awaits Josh when he returns from a trip.

"Of Toenails and Typos" 1/1 By Sarah--Josh and Donna have a late evening computer chat session, leading to some revelations about each other...

"From the Ashes"By Vicki--An emergency situation forces Josh to revisit a past trauma.

"Tuning In" 1/1--By Vicki--Donna decides it's time to turn a new page in her relationship with Josh.

"Glass Houses" By Cindy --Sam,Josh,CJ and Donna are caught in the middle of a terrorist attack at an Embassy party.

"In Plain View" By Cindy--a misunderstanding brings Josh and Donna's feelings for each other to the surface.

Misc. Fiction page 2

(6/1/01)"Thinking of Cookies" By Mary M

"A House Divided" pts.2-8 By Marie

"The Real Thing" By Mary--Josh's reaction to President Bartlet's MS

"A House Divided" pt.1 By Marie

"Loves,Labor Lost" By Kristen

"April Fool's pt.1" By FloBjr

"Disillusioned" By Cindy--post episode fic for "17 People"

"Turning Point" By Cindy

"If You Go I Go" By Amanda

"Belonging" By Amanda--Post episode fic for "The Drop In" Sam's POV

"A House Resolution" By Flip

"Charmed Life" By Lin

"Just Desserts (a post-ep for "Shibboleth")By Sary

"Dancing to the Rumour Mill" By Adrienne-- Margaret has a date and Leo is worried.

"Split Second" By Cindy--Donna talks with her brother the night of the shooting.

"That's Karma For You" By Amanda--5th in the Caitlin Bartlet series--Just when everything was starting to look up in Caitlin's life, a series of events occur that threaten to change her life for good.

"Chasing Sunsets" By Cindy--A what if take on the shooting....what if Sam hadn't been able to pull CJ down quick enough? How would Danny react?

"Shoot you down" 1/1 By Meghan Reilly--Josh vists his therapist after the shooting.

"Pieces" by Cindy--Donna's brother, a Navy pilot, is missing.

"Ten" By Susannah--Spoilers for the season in general. This follows the events that unfold (in my twisted head) after the shooting out on the blacktop, with a crowd and many secret service agents gaping in shock. Some folks are hurt and some aren't, and now everyone gets to face mortality.

"The Photograph" By Paris-- A photo from the past stirs up old feelings between Josh and CJ.

"It Is What It Looks Like" By Paris-- Josh and Joey go double dating with CJ and Danny and the unexpected happens.

"Sister Act" By Paris--CJ's sister moves to Washington, and falls head over heels for Josh, while playing matchmaker for her sister.

Misc. Fiction section:

"Be Mine" By Amanda--4th in the Caitlin series.

"Heat Wave" By Amanda--3rd in the Caitlin series.A heat wave hits DC in December, and Caitlin and Sam are caught in the middle of it.

"Transitions" 1/1 By Amanda--Caitlin Bartlet starts to arrange her life after her Homecoming with startling results.

"The Spring Air in D.C." By Tige--CJ and Danny take a free weekend to find out more about one another.

"My Boys" 1/1 By Kestabrook--Christmas is a time for families to enjoy their children and to celebrate the rituals of the season. But Christmas, 1999, finds Mrs. Landingham at Arlington, observing a different "ritual," and reflecting on all her boys.

"Homecoming" by Amanda--The White House gets a very special visitor. But things are not as simple as they seem and will never be the same again.

"Rule the World" 1/1 By Cindy--This is a response to the 'explain how Sam fell off the boat' challenge.

"One Flu Over the White House" By Lida Rose--A flu outbreak hits the White House staff. A Danny/C.J. story

"Pandora's Box" By Cindy-- The Monday after New Year's electronic equipment begins to fail all across the West Wing. Meanwhile Josh tries to find out what's bothering Donna.

"Broken Dreams" By Cindy--This is a West Wing/JAG crossover. When Zoey is apparently killed in a car bomb Harm and Mac are brought in on the investigation.

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