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Josh/Donna stories

Think Josh and Donna should be more than just boss and assistant? These stories are for you.

(1/6/01)"Tenuous Grasp" By Michelle K

(1/4/01)"The Magi's Gift" By Seshat

(1/4/01)"Done"By JenF

(1/4/01)"All Done"By JenF

(1/4/01)"Over Done"By JenF

(1/4/01)"Flowers and Food"By JenF

(1/3/01) "Everything Will Be Ok" By Ginny

(1/3/01) "Peppermint and Gold" By Ginny--sequel to "Everything Will Be Ok"

"Vision" By Allison

"Soap Operas and Soap Suds" By Seshat

"Til my Body is Dust" By Michelle K-- A different outcome to the Newseum shooting.

"Closer" By Kandra--sequel to "This Woman needs"--Josh and Donna's weekend of peace

"Scotch, Coffee and Sappy Fifties Love Songs." By Grasshopper Girl

"Aftershocks" By Cindy--Shortly after returning to work something happens that takes Josh right back to the shooting.

"Mistletoe and Twilight" By Cindy--An answer to the challenge of 'have Donna shot at the Newseum instead of Josh'

"This Woman Needs" By Kandra--Josh overhears Donna singing along to her Discman during a late night at work, and begins to realize that she might be trying to tell him something

"Darkness and Light" by Cindy--Yet another look at the events during the shooting

"Pencil Me In" - Josh has something very special scheduled on his daily calendar, but will he keep the appointment. By Amanda

"Chances" By Cindy--set five years after WW's first season. Caitlin Bartlet helps Josh and Donna through a rough time

Joshua's Jealousy" 1/1 By Aquila--Josh wakes up

"Eye for an Eye" by Steph--Things take an unexpected turn during Josh and Donna's flight to California, causing the President and Senior Staff to have to deal with the ramifications.

"I've begun to realize" by Michelle K--Josh realizes his true feelings for Donna.

"Of Toenails and Typos" 1/1 By Sarah--Josh and Donna have a late evening computer chat session, leading to some revelations about each other...

"A New Dawn" By Steph--Josh invites Donna on a ski trip, during which they deal with feelings for each other, as well as confront Josh's tragic past.

"Captive Hearts" By Amanda--A misunderstanding lands Josh and Donna in jail and in each others arms.

"Between Friends" 1/1 By Cindy--Josh becomes jealous when Donna and Sam start spending time together. But all is not what it appears to be.

"Waking Nightmare" 1/1 By Cindy--Spoilers for 'What Kind of Day has it Been'. Answer to the challenge 'Donna's reaction to the shooting'.

"On a Clear Day You Can See Tomorrow" By Susannah Nix--Josh worries that something may be wrong with Donna as she starts to pull away from him.

"Shattered Silences" 1/1 By Sarah--Donna reacts to the events of "What Kind Of Day Has It Been"

"Without and Within" 1/1 By Vicki--This takes place immediately following the events in 'What Kind Of Day Has It Been'. Donna reacts to the shooting.

"From the Ashes" By Vicki--An emergency situation forces Josh to revisit a past trauma.

"Convergence" By Sarah--Josh's relationship with Joey Lucas leads to some realizations for Donna

"Tuning In" 1/1 By Vicki--Donna decides it's time to turn a new page in her relationship with Josh.

"Right Before My Eyes" 1/1 By Vicki--At the end of the Bartlet administration's term of office, Josh reveals his feelings for Donna to her. But is it too late?

"Between a Rock and a Hard Place" pt. 1 By Cindy--Sequel to Pandora's Box--Lillienfield takes the deal to save Leo off the table. How far will Josh go to protect his boss?

"Another 9 minutes" 1/1 By Cindy--Songfic--Donna and Josh spend some quiet time together.

"Glass Houses" By Cindy--Josh,Donna, C.J. and Sam are caught in the middle of a terrorist attack at an Embassy party.

"Always" 1/1 By Cindy--A tradgey awaits Josh when he returns from a trip.

"Did you see Elvis?" By Cindy--This is a response to the 'Have Josh/Donna wake up married' challenge.

"In Plain View"--A misunderstanding brings Josh and Donna's feelings for each other to the surface.

(1/6/01)"Tenuous Grasp" By Michelle K

(1/4/01)"The Magi's Gift" By Seshat

(1/4/01)"Done" By JenF

(1/4/01)"All Done" By JenF

(1/4/01)"Over Done" By JenF

(1/4/01)"Flowers and Food" By JenF

(1/3/01)"Everything Will Be Ok" By Ginny

(1/3/01)"Peppermint and Gold" By Ginny

"Vision" By Allison

"Soap Operas and Soap Suds" By Seshat

"Til My Body is Dust" By Michelle K

"Scotch, Coffee and Sappy Fifties Love Songs." 1/1 By Grasshopper Girl

"Closer" By Kandra

"Aftershocks" By Cindy

"Mistletoe and Twilight" By Cindy

"Darkness and Light" By Cindy

"Pencil Me In" By Amanda

"This Woman Needs" By Kandra

Glass Houses

"I've begun to realize"

"Convergence" By Sarah

"Waking Nightmare"

"Eye for an Eye"

"Joshua's Jealousy"

"A New Dawn" Pt.1

"A New Dawn" pt.2

"Of Toenails and Typos"

"Captive Hearts"

"Between Friends"

"Shattered Silence"


"Without and Within"

"From the Ashes"

"Tuning In"

"Right before my eyes"

Rock and a hard place pt.1

Between a Rock and a hard place pt.2

"Another 9 minutes"

"Did you see Elvis?"

"In plain view"


"On a clear day you can see tommorrow"