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General Fiction page two

Page last updated on 6/1/01

(6/1/01)"Thinking of Cookies" By Mary M

"A House Divided" pts.2-8 By Marie

"The Real Thing" By Mary--Josh's reaction to President Bartlet's MS

"A House Divided" pt.1 By Marie

"Loves,Labor Lost" By Kristen

"April Fool's" pt.1 By FloBjr

"Disillusioned" By Cindy--post episode fic for "17 People"

"Turning Point" By Cindy--song fic--Donna heads east after Dr. Free Ride

"If You Go I Go" By Amanda

"The House Resolution" By Flip

"Belonging" By Amanda--A post episode fic for "The Drop In" Sam's point of view

"Charmed Life" By Lin--post Noel--Josh thinks about his life.

"Just Desserts" a post episode fic for "Shibboleth") By Sary

"Dancing to the Rumor Mill"By Adrienne Margaret has a date and Leo is worried.

"Split Second" By Cindy--Donna talks to her brother the night of the shooting.

"That's Karma For You" By Amanda--Fifth in the Caitlin Bartlet series

"Chasing Sunsets" By Cindy--A what if take on the shooting....what if Sam hadn't been able to pull CJ down quick enough? How would Danny react?

"Pieces" by Cindy--Donna's brother, a Navy pilot, is missing.

"Shoot you Down" 1/1 By Meghan Reilly--Josh visits his therapist after the shooting.

"Sister Act" By Paris--CJ's sister moves to Washington, and falls head over heels for Josh,while playing matchmaker for her sister

"Ten" By Susannah--Spoilers for the season in general. This follows the events that unfold (in my twisted head) after the shooting out on the blacktop, with a crowd and many secret service agents gaping in shock. Some folks are hurt and some aren't, and now everyone gets to face mortality.

(6/1/01)"Thinking of Cookies" By Mary M

"A House Divided" By Marie pt.1

(5/27/01)"A House Divided" By Marie pt.2

(5/27/01)"A House Divided" By Marie pt.3

(5/27/01)"A House Divided" By Marie pt.4

(5/27/01)"A House Divided" By Marie pt.5

(5/27/01)"A House Divided" By Marie pt.6

(5/27/01)"A House Divided" By Marie pt.7

(5/27/01)"A House Divided" By Marie pt.8

"The Real Thing" By Mary

"Loves,Labor Lost" By Kristen

"April Fool's pt.1" By FloBjr

"Disillusioned" By Cindy

"Turning Point" By Cindy

"If You Go I Go" By Amanda

"The House Resolution" By Flip

"Belonging" By Amanda

"Charmed Life" By Lin

"Just Desserts" By Sary

"Dancing to the Rumor Mill" By Adrienne

"Split Second"

"Chasing Sunsets"

"That's Karma For You" By Amanda


"Shoot you down"

"Sister act" pt.1

Sister act pt.2

"Ten" pt.1

"Ten" pt.2

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