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Finally, on with the stupidity!

Alex was a boy with a big problem. He couldn't keep his cravings for balls under control. Nothing could stop him from eating balls. Nothing!

He would keep a plate of balls under his bed for a midnight snack. You know his hunger for balls never ends. Even late at night.

One day him and a few friends were at a local cafe when all of a sudden an urge for some mouth-watering balls hit alex like a freight train hitting a 4-year-old child!

They decided to go hunt down some balls to eat to cure the enormous hunger within their bellies.

Walking along the streets, they see an old homeless man sleeping along side of the road. They just couldn't resist! Alex knew he would be an easy target with steamy balls.

While beating the pulp out of the old man, Alex got arrested while the others fled. He was taken to a local looney bin where the doctors there were specialists in getting rid of cravings for balls.

He was forced to watch a film of people eating balls while beeing injected full of drugs and a whole bunch of other stuff.

The doctors thought that they were curing him, but it was only making his cravings worse. He was so obsessed with munching on crunchy nuts that he never got cured. He was later released.

After leaving the ball-eating hospital, Alex found out that his friends ran off to eat balls all for themselves. He hunted them down and had his revenge!


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This page was created on December 16th, 1997!

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