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Another Billy Crudup Page

A Fiji Girl Production
This is yet another page in cyberspace devoted to a movie celeb.
Billy Crudup in particular. (rhymes with "screwed up")
He can also be found onstage, but we'll get to that later.
I'll try my best to keep this up to date and interesting for the rest
of you out there who share my interest.


"..he's a special creature" -Liv Tyler.


Billy's birthday is July 8, 1968.
Which makes him 32yrs. old
He's been in his share of movies: "Sleepers", "Inventing the Abbotts"...
He completed his MFA at NYU.

As some of you are probably wondering, yes, he does
seem to have a girlfriend.
Last I heard, he was hooked up with
Mary-Louise Parker.
{insert a great, big smile for them here}

You Probably Didn't Know...

Apparently, as a child, Billy had written in his journal that
he would have liked to've become a decathalete or a lawyer. He also wrote
about what he didn't want to become: an actor!


Upcoming Films
You'll Find Him In...

Cameron Crowe Project ...due out September of 2000
...Recently Dubbed "Almost Famous"
Waking the Dead


Jesus' Son

The Hi-Lo Country ...1999
Without Limits, aka "Pre" ...1998
Princess Mononoke (voice-over)...1998
Grind ...1997
Inventing the Abbotts ...1997
Sleepers ...1996
Everyone Says I Love You ...1996
Talk of the Town - aka, Snitch or Noose...(Sundance Film Festival)...??

Untitled Cameron Crowe Project...due out: September 2000

Without Limits starring Billy Crudup

Awards and Achievements from Broadway

~He was in William Inge's critically acclaimed Broadway play "Bus Stop".
~He was awarded the Outer Circle Critics Award for Outstanding Debut
of an Actor
and the Clarence Derwent Award from Actors Equity for his work in "Arcadia".
~He also received a Theater World Award for "Arcadia".
~He was in a Broadway run of Chekhov's classic, "Three Sisters".

**Extra Credit**
I hear that you can find him singing on the soundtrack to Everyone Says
I Love You
. The song is entitled "Cuddle Up a Little Closer".

Interview magazine has done a feature on Billy in their May '98 issue!

A Photo Op

Billy's Birthday Countdown - July 8th

Billy Onstage in Oedipus

A Collection of Articles and Interviews with Billy
Displayed here with Documentation.

Some 'net resources to check out:

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The Most Beautiful Cast in the World

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Another Grind Review
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More Pics courtesy of Jacki's Page

Write to Billy:
c/o Creative Artists Agency
9830 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

All the information gathered here is based on what I take from other sources
such as this one here. I do not guarantee that any information
contained within this page is necessarily correct. [But I Do Try!]
The images found here are a result of web searches,
magazine articles, and scraps of paper that have mysteriously fallen out of the sky
and landed on my desk. ?!?!

This page is meant for entertainment purposes.
Please don't confuse this with something too serious. :P

Feel free to send in any factoids, quotes, pics, reviews, etc.
Share with fellow Billy admirers.

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