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Reflections in
The Fun House Mirror

    More than any other genre product, the horror film screams out for interpretation. Scary movies manage to stimulate strong and varied interpretive reactions because they exploit a very primal human need: the need to understand and assimilate disturbing anomalous experiences. If you smell smoke while laying in bed in the middle of the night, your very survival may depend on the ability to correctly interpret and adequately respond to this anomalous sensation. If a sudden scream rends the silence of your normally quiet home, you better be able to interpret it accurately and do something effective about it. Horror films specialize in the presentation of anomalous images and sounds. Monsters are anomalies by definition, and always awaken our innate urge to assimilate their terrifying abnormalities into the secure community of understandable things. 
    It has become commonplace to state that film criticism (or any form of aesthetic criticism) reveals more about the critic than the film being criticized. Since each viewer assimilates a horror film into the world of their own unique personal experience, differences of interpretation abound. Far beyond the intention of a director to convey a specific message, this personal, varied reaction is precisely what keeps certain films alive long after their initial release. Films like Browning's Dracula and Whale's Frankenstein still retain their ability to evoke individual responses by challenging us with their disturbing imagery. They grow beyond their time and place of origin, and, like living beings, take on a significance unforeseen by their creators.
    In this section of The House of Wax you will find essays and artwork inspired by horror films. My interpretations (like all interpretations) are reflections skewed (and perhaps screwed!) by the distorting mirror of my own individual experience.  I can only hope that some of the kinks in my reflections match some of the twists in yours!

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