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Children of the Night



    Kids like me who grew up in the late 50's-early 60's are the first generation of American children to experience a massive TV/movie merchandising campaign. After the release of the Shock Theater package to television networks across the country, the monster craze really took off, initiating one of the earliest television-inspired fads. Magazines, models, records, costumes, and fan clubs appeared almost overnight--all devoted to the wonderful world of monsters. And today, close to half a century later, horror films still inspire a host of fans to hold conventions, swap or sell memorabilia, and dress up like their favorite creepy characters. 
    This section of The House of Wax takes a look at horror nostalgia and fandom. You'll also find some biodata on the macabre Charles Addams lifestyle of the Tower Master himself! And please stay tuned for more features about monster fandom in the future.

Just Released! Monster Bash 2001
Scary Scenes from this year's bash

See Inside Monster (Summer) Bash 2000!
Take a peek at last year's Bash!

Aurora Monster Models Revisited!
See box art and models from the Monster Boom era!

Relive Some Famous Monsters Memories!
We've all got some, do we not?

Take a Peek Inside the Basement Lab!
This is the actual lab of the Tower Master himself!

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