Silly me and the Telemarketer scam
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DUH ! I purchased from a telemarketer !!

BEWARE! 09/13/01

some very SICK! individuals are claiming to be from charitible organizations and are soliciting money they "claim"are for the victims of the terrorist acts.
Please be sure your donations are to a verified rep or the orgaization at their site !

To whom it may concern

On June 23 2001, I received a phone call from a company called R&S Marketing representing Card Services International regarding my credit card application. The representative, a Mr. Andre Wells, (operator #2007) informed me I was eligible for a credit card with a credit line up to $5,000. After asking if I was interested, Mr. Wells took my information, which included employment, SSN#, date of birth, address, bankruptcy status if any, if any credit accounts were over 60 days past due, and other information that one would expect a credit application to ask.

Mr. Wells then told me I qualified for a credit line of $2,500, and the credit line should increase to $5,000 in 18 months if I kept the account current. The Phone representative then asked if I wished for any additional cards, I then ordered a card for my spouse. The caller then told me that I should choose a Visa over a Master Card due to Master Card being 18% APR, and the Visa being 9.5% APR as cards are provided by Card Services International, and would be an excellent rate to consolidate other credit card debt to, which was my main purpose in this card. Mr. Wells then went on to a sales pitch of also included is a package of information which included a health benefits package, and credit card information. All for $149.95 start up fee. Having paid annual fees for my other credit card, a Providian Gold Visa. I then gave Mr. Wells my bank draft information, and would receive the packet with in 14 days. Then I was told “independent” verifying agency would confirm my order.

Immediately I received the call, and listened to the voice, as they asked my mailing address, SSN#, and Date of birth all over again. Also that on June, 23,2001 they would be allowed to debit my bank account $149.95. They did inform me that this call would be recorded.

The End of July I received a packet, and in this packet was a book about credit, which is photo copied crooked. Included in this packet was a credit card application, the exact credit questions Mr. Wells asked a month earlier. I then called the customer service number to R&S (770-772-5595) marketing that was given to me by Mr. Wells, and Sharon the “confirmer” I received a recorded message to leave a message. Which I left a message and phone number, and called and left another message the next day.

I became worried that I was not receiving a credit card, but that I paid $149.95, for a packet of worthless information. I found the contact number for Card Services International, 8028 Old County Road 54 New Port Richey, FL 34653 (727) 375-5865 & (727) 375-5866, This information came from the Better Business Bureau web page. After leaving several messages at Card Services International, my wife successfully reached a live person. This person at Card Services International said they had no control over what R&S marketing does or says, but the message at R&S marketing says they are an affiliate of Card services International. The person did give up a contact supervisor at R&S marketing, Sharon at (404-209-1116 a Georgia Number)

Sharon at R&S did return our call, but was irate that we got her contact number. We voiced our concern that we were misrepresented. Sharon told us we were not misrepresented, and in no way did they mention issuing credit cards, and that we purchased a package. Sharon then said the confirmation code to be used to activate the credit card was the number to the recorded verification. Sharon Repeatedly asked my wife to be silent because neither Her nor Sharon was part of the conversation. Sharon then played back the “authorization message” back for us. The recorded voice was Sharon herself doing the “authorization message,” after many claims it was an independent firm doing this authorization.

Sharon insisted she was well with in her legal right because the authorization message said R&S does not issue credit. I knew R&S did not issue credit, I was told so by Mr. Wells, but was promised that Card Services International was the issuer. Sharon Said in no way was I going to receive a refund because I was not misrepresented in any fashion.

I was clearly misrepresented, why would someone go through the time and trouble to run or act as if running a credit report, ask for other cards for spouses, give a card type and percentage rate, if all I was to receive for $149.95 was an envelope with common sense information available for free. Each branch of this organization denies control over the others, but work well together to collect money. Also deny who and what they represent. I would like the return of my money, and to inform all possible, citizens, public officials, consumer advocates, and law enforcement of these people and their practices.
Mike Rice
P.O.Box 5573
Boise Idaho 83705-0573

Addresses of concern
Card Services International AKA Diversicom of S.FL.
8028 Old Country Road
New Port Richey, FL 34653
R&S marketing
3485 North Desert Drive
Building 2 Suite 105
East Point, GA 30344
770-772-5595 “customer service line
404-209-1116 (supervisors line)

Action taken thus far !

8/8/01 Filed for a refund from my bank stating that purchase was under fraud!
08/08/01 Filed a complaint with Better business bureau of Georgia, Flordia and Idaho
08/08/01 Sent letters to multiple consumer protection agency
08/08/01 Filed complaint with federal trade commission
08/09/01 Sent letters to the Attorneys General of Flordia, Georgia and Idaho

08/12/01 Called and politley demanded that I be sent the company's name, address, supervisors names, and DO NOT CALL policy to my POBOX, as is my right under Telephone Protection act failure to comply will entitle me to $500 to $1,500
08/15/01 Sent a Polite letter to Mr Betz, President of Card services international, telling him that R&S marketing is using fraud to sell the information pacets, and there could be "reprocussion" to his firm.
08/16/01 Told Attornys General of Flordia, Georgia and Idaho that R&S marketing refused to give names of supervisors, Business adress. Under telephone Protection act it is my right to know the information
08/18/01 Posted this letter to,, and

Responses from Officials and Others scammed

Federal Trade Commission replied saying they will "database" my information, and foreward it to appropriate law enforcement. Reminded that any advanced fee loan in illegal
Replies from online cumsumer agnecies saying they will also datbase my info for others to see

Victory !

Mr Betz Ordered R&S marketing to refund my money, and on Sept 4 2001 my 149.95 was returned to my account !
He also gave R&S street address

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people are now aware of this scam , we thank for the counter!

This is for information only. We take no responsibility for what any other individual may do with this information. This information is true to the best of my knowledge at this time. All information is public record, and in no way invades privacy !

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