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Pictures In Motion


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What is Pictures In Motion?

Most of us have taken lots of photos throughout our lives only to have the pictures placed in a box in the back of our closet.

Well I was no different, Pictures In Motion was my solution for all the memories I forgot I had taken pictures of. We do this by taking your pictures and placing them on VHS cassette. So those forgotten memories can be enjoyed once again but this time you watch it on your TV screen. This makes it simple and easy to view those pictures without photo albums or digging through boxes.

This also makes a great gift by sharing your memories with someone. Place your special photos like weddings, sports events, birthdays, birth announcements, classic cars, parties, school plays, fishing trips and anything that you have taken a picture of and want it on video.

Make a video for that someone special or that person you promised to send pictures to but never did.



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