As the sun slipped into the shadows he gazed intently at the woman who had fallen asleep in his arms. Her head was on his chest, one of her hands resting over his heart. She looked peaceful, her sleep quiet and still. Part of him was sorry he had persuaded her away from the early night she had so obviously needed, but part of him had not wanted her to miss this scene; the sunset, the beach, their crew sitting companionably together enjoying their last night on this beautiful, abundant planet.

A few people drifted away, returning to the ship he guessed. As they passed they glanced at Voyager's First Officer, sitting with the Captain asleep in his arms; most of them smiling indulgently at the sight. Well - they'd been planning to drop a few subtle hints about the changing nature of their relationship, perhaps not anything as blatant as this - but still.

'Kathryn,' he whispered softly, 'wake up.' She mumbled something that might have been his name and shifted a little in his arms, 'Kathryn.' Her eyelids fluttered open, she looked adorable, confused about her surroundings, her lips turning down into a pout.

'You woke me,' she pointed out.

'You missed the sunset; it's getting late and cold. I didn't realise you were so tired.'

'Neither did I, I'm sorry I missed the sunset, was it beautiful?'

'I don't know, I was watching you.' She smiled and lifted her head to brush a light kiss onto his lips, before pushing herself away, stretching as they stood up together.

'I suppose everyone saw us.'

'I suppose they did, is that a problem?'

'No, I don't think so.' She looked around her, most of those who remained seemed to be couples, wrapped around each other, enjoying this peaceful setting, a chance just to be. That was what she wanted. 'Come here,' she stretched her arms out to him, his smile was beautiful as he stepped towards her, caught her up in an embrace which became a long, deep kiss. 'Take me home,' she whispered.

The End.