This is the sequel to The Day Before Forever; it is the only bit I'm going to write, the rest will have to live in our imaginations, I hope it's not too sappy, my apologies if it is.

The man watched from a distance as the burning globe began its daily ascent. From his place high on the cliff he had witnessed the arrival of the small party on the beach. There were only five of them, the bride and groom, their witnesses and the Planetary official preforming the ceremony.

The dark man had arrived with the bride, he had stood close beside her and it was apparent even from this distance that he was a calming influence on her. They had not touched, the observer noticed with detachment, but then it was not in the nature of Vulcans to initiate physical contact. This Vulcan though was clearly here in the role of a close and trusted confidant and it was easy to wonder about the kind of friendship he had with the bride, whether or not he approved of this relationship, this marriage.

The other witness couldn't have been more different, from his place he could just make out of the Klingon ridges that adorned her forehead and see how smoothly they blended in with her human features. She was the most agitated and animated of the group, dashing back and forth, gesticulating with her hands. At one point, with a gesture she must have borrowed from the bride, she stood with her hands on her hips and the man on the cliff thought his heart would stop with the familiarity of the gesture --but of course it did not.

He smiled when it was the groom who put his hands on her shoulders and brought his young witness to a standstill. Their relationship was easier to guess at -- father and daughter, brother and sister; whatever the variations they had the look of kin; a close relationship based on mutual affection and understanding.

The groom looked as though he'd been offered the Universe, a quiet joy radiated from him, spreading out to encompass the whole gathering. He stood tall and proud, wearing soft sand coloured trousers and a pale jacket. As the sun rose he glanced across the sea to watch its progress, giving the observer an excellent view of the intricate tattoo arching across his forehead.

His scrutiny was interrupted when the bride stepped towards him, the long cream dress she wore swirling around her bare feet. She looked beautiful; her hair swept back from her face, flowers scattered among the auburn tresses.

The man who would shortly be her husband pulled her into his arms, pressed her back against his chest, holding her close. They remained together in that position throughout the ceremony, a study in contrasts, his bronze skin against her pallor, his powerful build, her more delicate size.

Watching them go through the final stage of one journey and take the first steps of another, the man on the cliff top knew that they were well matched in the ways that mattered, intelligence, integrity, compassion, determination and stubbornness -- he smiled at the thought, they had both been so stubborn. The bride turned her head suddenly, smiled over her shoulder at the groom -- it was a soft, intimate, sensual smile and it transformed her face, taking away all the stress, strain and worry that was normally lodged there.

His heart swelled, she was special, had always been special, he'd never known it more than at this moment. These last five years had been so difficult and lonely for her and yet she had faced each day with bravery and courage -- now here she was, glowing, in the arms of the man she had finally allowed into her life.

As the sun crept higher, the last stage of the ceremony was completed, the witnesses scattered dozens of rose petals and the morning breeze carried them out to sea.

He had to go, he'd stayed too long as it was, but he'd wanted to be here for this, no matter what it took. As he turned away, he took one last look at the couple embracing on the beach. His final words didn't reach them; they were lost to the wind, the sea and the sunshine.

'Goodbye Kathryn, find peace.'

The End