The Q Files - part 9

In which our hero contemplates murder

Chakotay emerged from the shower and was disappointedly unsurprised to find Q sitting on his couch. He'd rather been expecting him to appear as soon as Kathryn had left and couldn't decide if the delay was better or worse.

'Well, that went well.' The omnipotent being announced drily, 'she was gazing into your eyes - practically begging you to kiss her and you let the opportunity pass. You can bet your life Q won't be so reticent. Why didn't you make a move?'

Chakotay knew it was useless, trying to explain the finer points of romancing Kathryn Janeway to Q, but nevertheless he felt called upon to try.

'Because she isn't ready, you must know that, she backed away almost immediately.'

'And you let her.'

'Of course I let her, I don't want to ruin our friendship. You can pull all the faces you like Q - we'll do this my way, or not at all.'

'I'd be a lot more confident if 'your way' had elicited any success lately.'

'There's no reason why stopping Q should involve Kathryn starting a relationship with me, if we go down that line we'll fail. She has valid reasons why we can't be involved at this time - and I respect that.'

'I know all about the reasons,' Q got off the couch and walked towards Chakotay, standing until they were almost nose to nose. 'You don't for one moment think she actually believes them, do you?'

'What!' Chakotay shook his head, wondering for only the hundredth time if he were dreaming 'of course she believes them.'

'Oh, on one, strictly professional level, I'm sure she does, but on lots of other levels she knows that all the good reasons in the Universe won't keep her warm at night - that's why she's vulnerable to Q - amd that's why you're our best defence against him.'