The Q Files - part 10

'In which our intrepid heroine gets an idea'

Kathryn Janeway rounded the corner and slowly approached her quarters. She'd been here earlier, but had passed by the door without entering. Insteadnshe had chosen to walk slowly around her ship, trying to bring some order to the turmoil of her thoughts.

For two hours she had attempted to forget about the impact of a single moment. Somehow she had found herself to focus on the details in the reports and forget that for one instant she had been more aroused than she could remember being for a very long time.

Damn this was a mess.

Since leaving Chakotay's quarters she had no activity to distract her, no excuse to take refuge in, nothing else to think about but the way they had not moved, too lost in each other to remember what they ought to be doing. Some very unprofessional thoughts had flashed through her mind before she came to her senses. And now? What was she supposed to do now? Forget all about it, take a cold shower, search out yet more reports to read? There were no easy answers here - denial had been so much more convenient.

Sighing she palmed in her code and stepped wearily into her quarters. She realised at once that something was different but it was a moment before her dulled senses identified the change.

Flowers - it was the scent of Gardenia's. Brief scrutiny took her to her desk where the bouquet lay. She carressed the petals tentatively, the flowers were heavy with aroma - not the sort of gift she received every day inthe Delta Quadrant. She would have known who they were from even if there hadn't beed a card, heavy, ornate with a large silver Q circling across it.

'Janeway to David,' she tapped her comm badge.

'Yes Captain?' his voice floated into the room, she could hear his smile.

'The flowers are lovely. Thank you.'

'Its one of the benefits of being omnipotent. I wanted to ask you to have dinner with me, but I wasn't sure if that was appropriate.'

'So - are the flowers instead of a dinner invitation or as well as one?' Her hand strayed to touch the petals again, her mind working furiously, an idea taking root.

'As well as, if it's appropriate.'

'I think I probably spend far too much time worrying about what is and what isn't appropriate. How about tomorrow night?'

'Tomorrow night it is. Goodnight Captain.'

'Kathryn,' she said.

'Good niht Kathryn.' As their brief conversation ended she smiled, satisfied that she had started a ball rolling that would ultimately end her problem with Chakotay.'