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Give and Take

Give and Take

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Give and takeÉGive and TAKEÉGIVE AND TAKE...

I always wanted to know what it would be like to be somebody. When I was a kid I dreamed about being a movie star and wearing a long flowing gown, driving a sports car, and dating the latest Hollywood Hunk.

When I was a teen-ager I couldn’t think of anything except being the first female president of the United World Federation.

After boot camp, all I could think about was making it through Sea Air Land Space (SEALS) training and going off to war.

I never expected to be the poster-girl for the Federation Unarmed Combat Team. I never expected to be tapped for the most dangerous assignment in the history of planet earth. And I certainly NEVER expected to live long enough to see my teammates again. As a member of SEALS I have done a number of very bad things, and had them done to me in spades, so I wasn’t too surprised when my boss came to me and asked if I wanted to do a little job for him. Captain Dick always started off like that, he’d say "Charlie, I wonder if you would be willing to do a little job for me?" Some days it was a four-day pass, other days it was something dangerous. You know…Give and Take. Captain Dick would Give as much fun and games as he could then he would Take the very best we had to offer in the form of us doing something that would likely get us killed in a VERY messy manner. And you NEVER turned Captain Dick down. Not because he had been there and done that, and you just had to see the scar tissue around the outer edge of his right eye patch to know that he had. No, you never turned him down because the last person to turn him down had lost the chance to spend the next month in the most posh resort hotel ever built, with only one requirement…you had to wear a full dress uniform to dinner every night, his loss.

This time I knew it was something dangerous, because Captain Dick only calls me Petty Officer Young unless he is about ready to send me off to die in a very messy manner. So of course I said, "Well boss, that depends on what it is." Not really the answer he was looking for but he has known me long enough to not press his luck too far. Also he knew I hadn’t refused an assignment sense I was fourteen and decided to invite the boy across the street down to our basement game room for a little romp and chickened out at the last minute. Besides when you’re in the business of giving whip-ass and taking anything your sent to get, you tend to go when the man says GO.

Captain Dick was even more unreadable than usual. Not a good sign.

He sort of looked me up and down they way a man does who is looking to get laid and stopped for just the slightest instant on my medium sized, rock hard from weight lifting, breasts, and appeared to give himself a mental nod. This was worse that I thought, the Captain has taken me to bed to both of our pleasure more than once, but this is the first time he as ever looked at me as anything close to a "woman" during duty hours. His mind doesn’t work that way, he is mentally incapable of being anything but professional during duty hours or a mission. I know. After all I am the one with a reprimand in my file for hacking his service record and reading his psyche evaluation. The ability to mix business and pleasure is completely missing from his mental makeup. Like I said, not a good sign.

I am used to men looking at me and wanting me. I am 5’8" of pure sleek, limber, muscle. The only extra fat on my body is natural due to being a woman, and that is down to the absolute minimum I can get and still be healthy. My flame red hair when down comes to just past my shoulders. And the benefit of my training with SEALS has given me a professional confidence that few can match. Like I said, men usually want me.

The Captain seemed to decide to give me the assignment because he motioned for me to follow him to his office.

After pouring a cup of coffee for both of us and handing me mine, he offered me a chair and took his behind the desk. Sitting down his cup and looking at me, he still seemed to be deciding how to begin…a very bad sign.

"Charlie." he begins, "Your record shows you have had all the usual training regarding the sexual and mental aspects of capture and imprisonment by the enemy. Also your record shows that you once were offered a fee for your, shall we say, personal services, and accepted. And before you ask, I am NOT judging you. What you do when you are on leave is your business, but it is part of your psyche profile." This had to be worse than I thought.

"Charlie, are you aware of the Titan slave market?"

"Yes sir."

"Well, four female SEALS from SEALS Team 22 have been captured and were auctioned as a collectors set on Titan," glancing at his watch, "seventeen hours and twenty-three minutes ago. They were still in combat uniform, but they were bound in ‘glove’ binders which made it impossible for them to escape."

"The collector that bought them also has a standing order for one; Stella Charlene Young, Senior Petty Officer First Class, Federation Service Detachment SEALS Team 19. In other words, this collector wants you, and I want to give him you in order to get our people out."

"How much is he offering?" I asked.

"Fifty Million, but only if you are alive and not permanently damaged."

"Permanently damaged?"

"Yes, he realizes that taking you will probably result in minor damage to you and major damage to whatever parties choose to make a try for you."

"What do you mean by ‘give him me’?"

"I want you to work out full contact without pad and soft shoes with Strike Commander Billups in order to put a few bruises and broken ribs on you, then I want to disguise myself as a Merc and offer you up for sale. Are you interested?"

"No. When do I start?"

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