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The History of Ida Arts


Ah... the history of Ida Arts... Well, there actually isn't that much history to Ida Arts. I guess it all started in 6th grade. For some sick reason, I liked making fun of my cat Alli at school. My friend Austin started making comics of her dying in some sick manner to make me laugh. It worked... I just thought it was hilarious. He stopped making them, so I decided to start making my own. I made about 10 at home. They weren't very good...mainly because I couldn't draw very well at all. I started making them at school on my down time, mainly study hall. Hunter, who I hadn't talked to very much, took mild interest in the comics, so we started making the comics together. I really must thank Hunter. He gave me a lot of ideas to produce 40 comics! He also drew things that were beyond my range of skill. As I watched his technique, I became much better at drawing. We did that for a while, and things went along smoothly... until Matt showed up. I've gone to school with Matt since Kindergarden, until we chose different high schools. He just decided one day he would come watch us make comics. He started a comic called "Jon n' Cas" that didn't really get off the ground. But Matt redeamed himself by making our website at Angelfire. Then just a couple of months ago, he got us a URL redirection at CJB.NET. That helped a lot. That's pretty much it for the history of Ida Arts.

Some projects we're working on are...