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Attfield Lineage

Henry Attfield of Chertsey, 1722-1793. (eight sons, one daughter)  i

i)	Henry Attfield of Chertsey, July 15 1746-April 11 1821. (four sons, seven daughters)  ii
	John Attfield of Chertsey, March 13 1748-March 20 1825. (no issue)
	William Attfield of Bath, March 19 1750-1828. (one son)  iii
	James Attfield of Barnet, March 4 1752-?. (no issue)
	Richard Attfield of Friern Barnet, January 4 1757-July 22 1825. (seven sons, seven daughters)  iv
	Edmond Attfield, April 28 1761-?.
	Thomas Attfield, October 25 1763-1826.
	George Swain Attfield of Chertsey, November 29 1771-1810.

ii)	Henry Attfield, March 13 1771-April 22 1816.
	James Attfield of Farnham, April 26 1773-February 20 1813. (four sons)  v
	William Attfield, November 11 1776-June 22 1853.
	Richard Attfield of Chertsey, June 9 1787-January 21 1868. (one son, four daughters)  vi

iii)	William Attfield of Bath, April 10 1790-October 6 1861. (one son, two daughters)  vii

iv)	James Lane Attfield of Chertsey, February 8 1778-?. (one son, one daughter)
	W.M. Poole Attfield of Hadley, July 8 1779-December 5 1855. (one son, seven daughters)  viii
	Richard Attfield of Friern Barnet, June 21 1788-1806. (drowned, no issue)
	Thomas Attfield of Friern Barnet, November 21 1798-November 22 1798. (no children)
	George Attfield of Friern Barnet, March 6 1791-1830. (one daughter)
	Henry Attfield of Friern Barnet, ?-about 1815. (no issue)
	John Attfield of Friern Barnet, March 22 1796-June 13 1873. (three sons, two daughters)  ix

v)	James Attfield of Farnham, 1788(?)-November 26 1819. (one son, two daughters)  x
	Henry Attfield of Aldgate, October 21 1803-August 1862. (two sons, one daughter)  xi
	George Attfield. (one daughter)
	John Attfield. (no issue)

vi)	Henry Attfield of Chertsey, December 17 1819-?. (no issue)

vii)	George Cooke Attfield of Brighton, January 27 1826-?. (five daughters)  xii
		married, November 12 1863, to Alice Maud Roe (daughter of John Septimus Roe)

viii)	W.M. Element Attfield of Hadley, May 31 1809-January 11 1852. (one son)  xiii

ix)	Francis John Attfield of Frien Barnet, January 14 1828-August 16 1877. (four sons, two daughters)  xiv
	Richard Attfield of Virginia, January 9 1832-August 5 1854. (no issue)
	John Attfield of Watford, August 28 1835-?. (one son, two daughters)  xv

x)	Charles Attfield of Farnham, December 11 1812-?.

xi)	John Attfield of Stoke Newington, November 14 1836-1910 at West Ham. (two sons)  xvi
	George Attfield, died at Farnham. (one daughter)

xii)	Maud Cecil Attfield, 1864 at Fremantle W.Australia-?.
	Florence Mary Attfield, 1866 at Fremantle W.Australia-1866 at Fremantle W.Australia. (no children).
	Edith Blanche Attfield, 1867 at Fremantle W.Australia-?
		christened in 1867
	Alice Isabel Attfield, 1868 at Fremantle W.Australia-?
		christened in 1868
	Ethel Clare Attfield, 1870 at Fremantle W.Australia-?
		christened in 1870

xiii)	William Henry Attfield, June 21 1846.

xiv)	Frank E. Attfield, August 9 1854-?
	John F. Attfield, August 15 1858-?
	Alfred C. Attfield, December 26 1860-?
	William H. Attfield, February 13 1864-?

xv)	Donald Harvey Attfield, June 9 1866-?
		B.A. Cantab.

xvi)	Henry John Attfield of Benfleet, 1868-1948. (one son, one daughter)  xvii
	Edward? Attfield. (one son)  xviii

xvii)	John Edward Attfield, 29 December 1899 at Buenos Aires, Argentina,-June 12 1979 at Torrevieja, Spain. (three sons,
		one adopted daughter)  xix
		married in 1941 to Cynthia Mary Walton, July 9 1914 at Stourport, England-present.
	Kitty Attfield, 1904-1974. (one son)  xx
		married and divorced Bill Colven
		married Richard Shrubsole.

xviii)	Edward John Attfield.

xix)	John Walton Attfield, November 22 1941 in Scotland-present in England. (two sons)  xxi
		married Ann Green, April 26 1942-present in  England.
	Charles Edward Attfield, April 3 1954 at Benfleet, England,-present in Perth, W.Australia. (one son, one daughter)  xxii
		married Kirsten Marianne Jensen, December 1 1953 at Odense, Denmark,-present in Perth, W.Australia.
	Henry Cyril Attfield, April 3 1954 at Benfleet, England,-present in Perth, W.Australia. (two daughters)  xxiii
		married Yumi Igarashi, October 22 1955 at Osaka, Japan,-present in Perth, W.Australia.

xx)	Brian Colven, 1936-present?

xxi)	Mark john Attfield, May 1 1968-present in England. (two daughters)  xxiv
		married Lianne Hamlyn, 1971-present in England.
	Richard Stuart Attfield, March 14 1970-present in England. (one daughter, three adopted sons, one adopted daughter)  xxv
		married Pauline Elizabeth Parsad. 1957 in Fiji?-present in England.

xxii)	Karen Louise Attfield, May 12 1982 at Rochford, England,-present in Perth, W.Australia. (no children)
	Martin John Attfield, November 29 1984 at Frimley, England,-present in Perth, W.Australia. (no children)

xxiii)	Kaye Attfield, October 2 1983 at Maidenhead, England,-present in Perth, W.Australia. (no children)
	Marie Attfield, November 9 1993 at Perth, W.Australia,-present in Perth W.Australia. (no children)

xxiv)	Charlotte Attfield, August 1993-present in England. (no children)
	Kerri Attfield, March 2001-present in England. (no children)

xxv)	Ashley Attfield, ?-present in England. (no children)
	Sophina Attfield, ?-present in England. (no children)
	Jemmar Attfield, August 1993-present in England. (no children)