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Vampire: The Dark Ages

This page is always under construction as I will be adding my storylines, other characters, and antagonists so please check back. Thanks!,

Characters in my Story.

Hadrian the Ventrue Knight

Shaemus the Gangrel

Mondshien the Gangrel

Peter deVries the Malkavian

Antony Kithith the Brujah

Uthan de Hermes the rogue Tremere.


Hadrian's Sire and Mentor Mavis Walbrook.

Shaemus and Mondsien's insane sire Jason Napier the Gangrel.

Peter deVries' sire Nishar Massine. Downloads

Vampire Generator Kind of Cool. Best feature is that it can export characters to use on the web.

Mummy Generator Same design as the Vampire Generator.

Cool Links

White-Wolf's Home page: The founders of it all!

Karl Thomson's Art: A very cool gothic art page.

Pathway to Darkness Vampire art by many artists.