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=//\\= Announcements

July 15.2000
As most of you have noticed, the site hasn't been updated much. The reason is that Amy Jo hasn't currently been in any online chats or in any magazine interviews, and I've already scanned all of my available photos I have of her. Also, I've been working hard on my _almost_ official sites for Rhett Fisher [] and Alison MacInnnis []. Please check those sites out. Actually, RhettFisher.COM isn't up yet, but Alison MacInnis.NET's new format will debut today. I promise that if you're a fan of her, you'll love it. I'm always happy to hear about how people feel about the sites. Have a good week!

July 15.2000
The new tracking banner below the counter is exactly what it sounds like. I went to, signed up, and put this banner up as an agreement. Don't worry, it doesn't give your name and number and everything, it just tells me how much time you guys spend here, that's all. I also just got back from California - it was great! I'll put up some pictures somewhere soon.

July 15.2000
Hey everyone! Wow, lots of new pictures, huh? Well, it's all part of a long overdue update. I also added this new section for announcements (it was previously used for News). I decided to give all these new updates to you now, because I'm leaving for California on Tuesday to go to Valencia, California to meet a few celebrities. Hehe, seriously! I'll be meeting up with my friends from the Power Rangers: LightSpeed Rescue Cast. I know everyone, don't I? Just kidding. Have a great week everyone!


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