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The Light Of Our Lives!
Camden Dee Mallery

Born March 26, 1997

When Camden entered our lives, we weren't sure we were ready for "Grandparent-hood" but this little boy has brought immearsurable joy and happiness to our home. He lived with us from birth until he was 2 1/2 when he and his Momma moved back to Seattle. He is shown pictured here attending his first Dog Show, April 12, 1997, at the ripe old age of two weeks and, obviously, upset because he was not allowed to handle to the win!
One year later, at the same shows, Camden has adjusted well to "life on the road" and has, in himself, become quite an attraction!
This picture exemplifies his good nature and his "destiny"!
Now it is time to start the apprenticeship! You will notice he has all the necessary equipment - Flexi lead, pooper scooper, assistant, the dog and, of course, the all-important "jug"! Check out the nifty RED BOOTS!
At some point in a man's life he must learn his parameters!
Time to feed - first me, then the Beanie Babies (after we've sampled to make sure the food is fresh), then the dogs!
Gramma's given me a big job! Working these pedigrees CAN be tedious business!
Momma gave me my own corgi for Valentines Day. I named her Valentine and she goes everywhere with me. I even have a medical kit so I can take good care of her!
My Gramma rides, my Momma rides and my Dad is a Jockey. I'm a NATURAL BORN COWBOY!!
Camden's idea of "Comin' 'n Goin'
Come back often and watch me grow up!
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