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     Welcome to!

    I think most of you will find this sites stories and facts interesting, and I hope to give everyone the opportunity to share their stories with us too. This site is all about the FACTs of Police Harassment. Almost all of us have had some sort of Police contact through out our lives, Some of us more then others, You may have had the discomfort of running into one of the not so nice Officer's of the road.

    Whether you know it or not, your rights may have been violated!

    How would you feel if you found out that dang police officer had no reason to stop you to begin with, and maybe if he didn't decide to target you out of boredom that night, that maybe you wouldn't have gotten that 200 hundred dollar ticket for not wearing your seatbelt, or not having your car registration with you. Those are little things compared to the ways officer's take advantage of citizens. Every day innocent people are verbally and physically abused by Law enforcement officers. It's a fact a majority of people are unaware of their personal rights when dealing with the police. Do you feel as though your rights were violated? Let help you. Email us your story today for your FREE consultation. Our experienced & skilled staff will dedicate as much time as it takes to review your case. We will then assign an investigative team to research & come up with the best possible solutions to your problem. Don't become another victim of Police Harassment, contact us today!

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