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HENRY VAN CUREN, b. 9 Feb, 1783, NY(born Hendricus Van Keuren)

m. Rebecca , b. 1793, NY

in 1809, New York


1. Nathaniel Reuben, b. 1811, NY; d. unk(Michigan?); m. Marjory (Margaret?)

2. Jacob, b. 10 Jun, 1814,NY; d. 5 July, 1876; m. Maria Hoover

3. Evert Franklin, b. 22 Oct, 1817, NY; d. 19 Aug, 1891, Indiana; m. Eliza Hover

4. Willis Johiel, b. 1820, NY; d. 1901; m. Henrietta Danielson

5. William Lodanna, b. 1820, NY; d. unk; m. Sarah Jane Walmsly

6.Benjamin, b. 16 Apr, 1822, NY; d. 1 Mar, 1886, Indiana; m. Eliza Crouch

7. Rachel M, b. 5 Sep, 1824, N Y; d. 20 Dec, 1891,In; m1. George Hover, m2.Wm Alexander

8. George, b. 1827, N Y; d. infant

9. Elietha, b. 1830, N Y; d. about 1840

10. Polly, b. 1832, Pa(?), died infant

11. Sarah E. b. 1839, In; d. 1868, In; m. Peter Huff

(Peter Huff married Sarah's Niece, Delila, in 1869)

Note: No reason has been found as to why Henry left the Dutch settlement in New York, or modified his last name. His grandfathers will left all property to his Father, Jacob, and as oldest son, Henry would have stood to inherit. Many theories abound. Perhaps the woman he married was not not 'suitable' to the Patriarch or the church, and/or may not have been Dutch, etc. Or maybe there was bad blood between father and son. Or maybe he was just a natural pioneer, as he was continually moving farther west, most of his life. It is known that Henry could not read or write, so the name variation could be a record keepers clerical error. Or, perhaps he did it on purpose to disassociate with that family. Whatever the reasons, we may never know.


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