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Van Keuren Family Photos

More Photos From The Album Of Cornelius Van Keuren

Abraham Fort Van Keuren

Abraham(1838-1881), Cornelius' brother, was commonly known as "Fort" Van Keuren, and rarely used his given name. He was a physician at Sherbourne until his death in 1881.

Clark Decker Van Keuren

Handwritten note indicates this to be Cornelius' brother, Clark Decker Van Keuren. Clark, b. 1855, was Cornelius' youngest brother. The apparent age of the person posing has led to speculation that this photo may have been mislabeled. In comparing this photo with others in the album, it appears likely that this is actually a photo of Cornelius' father, Israel, sometime near his death in 1878

Sons of Cornelius VK

Two of Cornelius Van Keuren's sons, unnamed in photo inscription, likely Herbert(Oldest) and William(youngest)

Irwin Van Keuren
Cornelius' son Irwin, b. 1862

Libby Van Keuren Constant

Cornelius' sister Elizabeth "Libby" Van Keuren Constant. Picture would have been before 1875, when she married 2nd husband Gilbert Van Wagenen

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