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The USAS is an organization whose membership is made up of US and US affilliated cyber squadrons.  It promotes its members and provides support services in various ways.  It does not aim to have any form of authority over its member squadrons, squadron autonomy is respected and encouraged.  However, it does provide a single point of contact to all its member squadrons on issues which effect all those squadrons e.g. war invitations.  The aim of the organization is to present to the community at large, a single cohesive block of US squadrons, and also to facilitate inter-US squadron cooperation.


Chief of Staff: Major General Texas Twister
Executive Secretary: Colonel Mouse

Our Members

Lafayette Escadrille
Southern Air Cavalry
US 22nd Pursuit Sq.
US 28th Pursuit Sq.
US 94th Pursuit Sq.
US 95th Pursuit Sq.
US 103rd Pursuit Sq.
US 185th Pursuit Sq.



31st August 1999
The US27th have decided they can no longer be a part of the USAS.

19th August 1999
The new US28 squadron has joined the USAS! Welcome.

5th August 1999
The newly formed US22 has joined the USAS!  Welcome guys.

26th July 1999
The US147th have officially disbanded.  As you may be aware their CO, Major Bassai, recently stepped down from office and evidently the squadron found itself unable to continue.  We wish all the best to the individual members of the US147, and hope to see them continue online.

11th July 1999
Heh, seems the electronic ink never dries on this page before I need to update...

As I am sure you have already heard the Lafayette Escadrille have joined the USAS!  Now I cannot put it any better than Texas Twister, "The LE is a first class squadron".  Welcome to our fold.

5th July 1999
The US185th joins the USAS!  This new squadron is already getting some compliments from the old hands, and we are pleased that they have decided to join us.

Also, the US94th have joined!  This squadron is not even active yet!  August 1st sees the re-activation of this fine unit, and we welcome them to our fold.

31st June 1999
The US27th joins the USAS!  With the addition of this fine squadron the USAS now represents all of the US squadrons in the Red Baron community.  Er, well, except for the new US185th squadron that is...

13th June 1999
The Southern Air Cavalry joins the USAS!  This relatively new squadron is a very welcome addition to our members.