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Welcome to my webpage about the cartoon role playing game Toon and other cartoon related stuff!
Layout Of Page
I'm not really sure yet, how I'm going to setup the way this page is going to be organized so please forgive me if it looks all cluttered.  Besides, a cartoon isn't suppose to make sense so why should a webpage about cartoons make any sense either?  Please, e-mail me your comments and suggestions.
Table Of Contents
1.  What Is A Toon?
2.  What Is Toon: "The Cartoon Role Playing Game?"
3.  Okay This Sounds Cool, How Do I Start Playing?
4.  Toon And Other Related Cartoon Links
 5.  My Toon Character Page
What Is A Toon?
A Cartoon is made up with many insane creatures hitting each other over the heads with huge mallets.  These creatures are known as cartoon characters or when shortened, 'Toons'.  To be a Toon you don't have to be smart, you don't have to be strong, and you most certainly don't have to make any sense!
Itchy And Scratchy
What Is Toon: "The Cartoon Cartoon Role Playing Game?"
Ever wondered what it would be like to be your favorite cartoon character?  Imagine running after a tweety bird only to end up being mauled by a pack of bulldogs and come back in the next scene as good as new!  This is the wonderful world of cartoons where physics does not apply and just about anything can happen (and everything long as it's funny).  Steve Jackson Game's has made a Role Playing Game which let's you be the cartoon character!  It's allot of fun for people who already know how to Role Play and is probably even more fun for people who don't know what Role Playing is!  It's really fun and easy to learn from the really cool illustrated rule book.  Now that you get the jitz of it, let's get silly!
Toon Instruction Book
Okay This Sounds Cool, How Do I Start Playing?
All you have to do to start playing toon is by going to Steve Jackson Game's Toon website and they will show ya what you need to get.  The only thing you really need is the Toon instruction book, a couple of  normal dice, and a few of your wackiest friends to play.  If you can't find anybody to play with then maybe you should e-mail me and leave me a message saying that you would like to get an internet game going.  I have created a chat channel on irc.dalnet named #toons where we talk about our favorite cartoons and also the game Toon.
Toon And Other Related Cartoon Links
Sysop's Toon Page
Sysop's Toon page really rules and is one of the best webpages out there on Toon.  There you will find a way to make your own character online and post it up for others to see.
Steven Hansen's Toon Page
Another webpage on the silliest game out there!
Tons of Toons
Great webpage that has some ideas for your next Toon game.  I thought the Duck Nukem was particularly funny.
The Cartoon Network
The channel that is 24 hours of non-stop cartoon insanity!  It would be impossible not to come up with a Toon character after watching this channel.
Warner Brothers Online
This webpage is really great for Toon because you can go get some ideas for your next Toon character.  This page will take awhille to load because it's really graphically enhanced but is still worth the wait.
My Toon Characters Page
If you would like to see some of the silly creatures I've made in my mad scientist lab then you will most certainly want to click here.
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