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The Official Girl From Tomorrow Web Page

Alana is a lively girl from the year 3000 who is kidnapped by Silverthorn, a ruthless and dangerous criminal from the year 2500. Upon arriving in a rubbish tip in the year 1990, Alana escapes from the unconscious Silverthorn and runs into he unfamiliar surroundings with PJ, her wrist computer, as her only companion...

'The Girl from Tomorrow' is an Australian children's television show from the early 1990's. This series also had a sequel called 'The Girl from tomorrow part 2: Tomorrow's End'. Both series consisted of 12 episodes. The series was created by Mark Shirrefs, John Thomson and Kathy Mueller and were produced by Film Australia. The Director for the first series was Kathy Mueller.

A big thanks to Film Australia for allowing me to create a web page for this wonderful series and a BIG special thanks to Michele Day, Mark Shirrefs and Kathy Mueller, because without their helpful information, this page would not have been possible.

All rights concerning The Girl From Tomorrow and Tomorrow's End are copyright to Film Australia and those concerned with its creation.