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Requirements for Thorsoft games

Most of the requirements are de facto standards nowadays (after all, we are talking about technology that's around five years old now). You'll need an IBM-compatible PC, (usually) a hard disk, and EGA at least. More information on each game is below.


Avaricius claims to support a mouse. Ho ho ho (the mouse control is laughable).

You can run Avaricius off a floppy, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you have to.


Avalot can use VGA if you have it to give you nicer colours. Not much, I know. Also you can use a joystick for control, if you have one, and mouse support is much nicer than in Avaricius. BUT some operating systems (OS/2, for example) seem to eat the mouse pointer and mess up the screen. Also on the subject of OS/2, the game will refuse to run off an HPFS partition (I don't know why); use FAT instead.


Spellchick actually runs quite nicely off a floppy. Note that it was built on an XT... you have been warned; it wasn't designed for refresh rates and things as high as they are today, and the screen might be a bit flickery.