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The Avvy Project

Note: If you're only going to download one game, it should be Avalot.

It's a large jar, made for storing liquids, and I got it from Greece...

Back in good old A.D. 1989, three programmers got together and decided to write a shareware graphical adventure for the PC. From this collaboration grew the story of a put-upon Roman attempting to escape from the explosion of Mount Vesuvius, and from most of the other characters; his name was Denarius Avaricius Sextus--- but his friends knew him as Avvy.

This game was small (compared to Avalot) and not technically very elegant, but it worked and it was fun and we liked it. Spellchick was bundled with this game in the registrants' pack, and also in the big mailings to distributors, BBSs and CD-ROM compilers.

Help me make it throw the knight...

The team, working under the name "Thorsoft of Letchworth", enjoyed themselves so much that they went on to produce a sequel, Lord Avalot d'Argent; not only was it technically superior, not only was the story slightly more plausible, but even the jokes were slightly funny this time. This was the tale of Avaricius's descendant, now trying to rescue a twelfth-century princess; nevertheless, our hero was even more incompetent than before (if that could be). That just goes to show why he needs your help to win the game!

Many of the best characters from Avaricius returned in this version (including Avaricius himself!), and all three members of the design team had cameo appearances. The famous Avvy shoot-em-up was also back (and this time it even worked), and a new feature appeared: the Avvy Quiz.

A space so dizzy?

Another game, Avaroid was planned (Back in Good Old A.D. 2079), but production of the games stopped after 1993 because of the departure of the lead programmer to university. Nevertheless, the games are still around for you to enjoy; where the game exists, you can download any of them from their pages. If you have any trouble, contact the page maintainer, Thomas Thurman, at

Disclaimer: As may be specified within the games, you use the programs at your own risk; none of these programs comes with any warranty whatsoever... but we provide them in good faith and hope you enjoy them. Thorsoft of Letchworth ("Thorsoft") is the trading name of the partnership of Mike, Mark and Thomas Thurman; no connection is implied or intended with any other organisation which may bear this name.