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Welcome Ser Explorer! Welcome to the Blackthorn. I am Maester Pytor. I serve the Lords Kanyle, the Lords of the Blackthorn and Lord Guardians of the city of Blackstone as counsellor, healer and architect. Little there is that I do not know of this great House and the lands over which it holds dominion...and indeed all of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

What? You know not of what I speak? Indeed you have travelled from afar! The shores of Ibben, perhaps? Or Asshai? From none of these far kingdoms? You come from even farther than that? Come then, let me tell you about this great land. We have heroes and villains abound alike, women of fabulous beauty and men of bravery, strength and valor, as well men and women with ruthless and dark hearts. We have creatures that would open your eyes in wonder ... know you that dragons once roamed this land? And wolves as large as ponies?

Indeed, you would do well to know of this Land before you continue on your journey. There is war in the land, you know; there are three Kings in the kingdom where once there was one. There is perhaps even a Queen if my Lord Kanyle's ears far in Qarth tell us true. All the great Houses are fighting for one King or the other. All except for the House I serve, though. House Kanyle The Unsworn has fought for no King and bent the knee to no outside Lord for well nigh three hundred years.

But, enough of my chatter. You wish to know more of these Seven Kingdoms I speak of? And the House I serve? Then follow the links below...

A Song Of Ice And Fire
The Author: Grand High Maester George R. R. Martin
The Story

The Great Houses Of The Seven Kingdoms
House Arryn
House Baratheon
House Greyjoy
House Lannister
House Martell
House Stark
House Targaryen
House Tully
House Tyrell
The Night's Watch
A Map Of The Seven Kingdoms

The House I Serve
House Kanyle

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