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Represent Your State! If you know of any other collectors who have represented a state and have a website, feel free to contact me.  It would be neat to have at least one person represent and collect the history of each of the 50 states. 

Mike Snook's Colorado Patches 
An excellent comprehensive website depicting Colorado patches with history.   

Damir Krdzalic's Iowa Patches
A comprehensive website of Iowa patches

John Hildebrand's Colorado & New Mexico Patches
A collector of Colorado and New Mexico patches.  

Justin VanHalanger's Minnesota Patches
A comprehensive website of Minnesota patches as well as others. 

Al Ferguson's North Carolina Patch Encyclopedia
Al is publishing a NC Patch Encyclopedia due out 2011

Leonard the Houston, Texas, Police Collector
A comprehensive website of Houston PD patches as well as a great reference Texas patches. 

Chris Cosgriff's Virginia Patches
A comprehensive website of Virginia patches.  

Other Important links

ESS (Eye Safety Systems)
Do you treasure your eye sight?  You bet I do and that's why I now have a pair of ESS sunglasses and goggles.  Made especially for military, law enforcement, and tactical units. You get more bang for your buck with ESS than Smith, Oakley, etc.  Most ESS products also meet or exceed the Mil-Spec ballistic standard and impact standard which is 5-6 times a higher impact resistance level than ANSI.  I also have a discount code for the site for those interested (40% off list price), just email and ask for it.  

Point6 Socks
Probably the best socks I have ever owned.  Merino wool and very comfortable.  Discount Code: SPRRBERTALOTTO  

Western Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators. 

Lewis-Clark State College
My alma-mater where I went from 2002-2006. 

State of Idaho
Come and visit or move, but remember keep Idaho the way it is!  Respect our laws and way of life and don't ruin our state!

PoliceLink Profile
link to my profile on PoliceLink.  Kinda like "facebook" but law enforcement oriented