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About Me:
I was born in Idaho and raised in Idaho.  I graduated from high school with honors in Idaho and earned my college degree entirely in Idaho. My first law enforcement job was in Idaho and my first peace officer's certification is from the great state of Idaho.  This is where I have been born, raised, grew up, hiked, camped, worked, and lived.  Idaho is where I will keep my career at, where I will retire at, and hopefully many many years down the road, where I'll die.   I started my law enforcement career in 2001 as a non-commissioned position and have since migrated to a sworn position. I have had the privilege to work in county and city agencies in the state of Idaho with 20 years of public safety experience all in the state of Idaho.  

About my Idaho display:

Since August of 1995, I have started to collect law enforcement patches and memorabilia.  My ultimate goal is to collect every Idaho law enforcement patch and place it all together with the history behind the patches and some tidbits behind each department to honor the legacies of Idaho's peace officers.  Since 2001,  I have traveled to each county in the state and have contacted many different law enforcement agencies to try and obtain many of these patches. 

Currently, I have over 1,800 different patches from Idaho and am still missing roughly 200 patches across the Gem State. It has been a difficult challenge since many of these patches are no longer in existence and even more of a challenge as many of these agencies no longer exist.  Trying to find officers who know of these patches has been difficult.  However, I have faith in the officers (both current and former) as well as collectors that there may be people who can and are willing to assist. 

Why Idaho?

I've had several people comment "Why Idaho?  What's so special about it to you?" So I figured I better give an explanation:  Apart from my personal connection, I want to honor the legacies of Idaho's officers from those who have retired, quit, long forgotten and those who are currently working in law enforcement.  Many of these officers have had a difficult job compared to us younger officers of today.  The days before TASER and radio contact but where saps and keeping your word were used.  The days of being on call constantly, answering phones from your home, working for $200 a month as Sheriff, etc.  These patches were worn on their uniforms and many come from some of the most unique and community-oriented officers that I know.  

For many years I've had my collection displayed virtually for all to enjoy. I have temporarily removed my collection from the internet, until a secure solution can be affordably implemented.