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Jack Mayberry...

", was and can be..."

"Ross Perot!"

(...for a price!)
Stand-up comedian Jack Mayberry has made over twenty appearances on NBC's Tonight Show. And several of them have been as the the diminuative, aurally enhanced (big eared), Texas billionaire Ross Perot. In a weird twist, here's an audio file of Jack portraying Ross as a standup comedian in an appearance on on the Tonight Show:   Ross Perot as a stand-up (139k)
Then when the millenium bug problem vexed even the top experts in the world, Jack knew right away that Ross Perot was the guy to, "Figure this thing out!" Even if he had to, "Get under the hood and work on it myself!" So Jack set out to get Mr. Perot to tell us what we should do. But since Ross is kinda hard to get to (especially with the Republican dirty tricks committee lying in wait and the South American death squads on his doorstep) Jack decided to take another tack...
Below is an interview of Ross's solution to the Y2K problem as "channeled" from Ross through Jack Mayberry:

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