Rabbit Facts
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Rabbit Facts

Rabbits are lagomorphs. This doesn't mean that they lag behind, or morph out on you, but it does mean many things.
1. There are over 55 different breeds of rabbits.
2. Their life span is 5-10 years (or until God says so). Unfortunately, many rabbits bought at pet stores and feed mills at an early age (3-4 weeks old) just don't have the life force (or immune system)) to make the quantum leap from Mom and family to the pet store/feed mill to your house. Which is why we advocate adopting a rabbit over "purchasing" one.
3. Their teeth grow during their entire life. Maloclussion occurs when there is an overbite or underbite. The teeth can be easily trimmed by your vet, so just because there are no bunny braces available doesn't mean that your pet has to be destroyed!
4. Each rabbit has it's own very distinct and definite personality--just like you!
5. Personality and temperament is not necessarily breed indicative. Spend time nose to nose with the rabbit before making your decision. Many times the rabbit that you did not think you would be "attracted" to will be the one to win your heart!
6. Rabbits can and should be spayed (females) or neutered (males). A blood panel should be run if the rabbit is over 5 years old "just to make sure" that everything is OK for surgery. Age rarely makes a difference! Females contract uterine and ovarian cancer and males contract prostrate and testicular cancer if left unaltered. Why take the chance??
7. Rabbits are easily litterbox trained (especially if they have been altered!)
8. Rabbits CANNOT survive in the "wild", so please do not abandon your pet! In many states, it is against the law to abandon your animal. Rabbits included!!
9. Rabbits can be litterbox trained! DO NOT use any kind of wood shavings! The urine of the rabbit mixes with the wood and produces a toxin which is stored in the liver. If your rabbit needed to undergo surgery, it would be quite possible that it could not come out of the anesthesia because of liver failure. Don't take the chance! Use hay (coastal bermuda), corn cob, or a recycled material that is not impregnated with chemicals or cedar oil.
10. Rabbits make incredible pets. They reduce stress. They jump on the couch with you. Mine helps me type!

I would be happy to put your comments here--there are many, many rabbit facts and I will add to this list as time goes on!

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