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      Hello, and welcome to the new Poetry Cafe webRing.
      If you were a member of the Former Poetry Café Thank you for your support in this move. You will need a new site id # and fragment to place on your site.
Please read the following instructions on how to join Then contact us for site review when you have the new fragment posted!

You can be added by taking the join link!

This will take you to the form you need to fill out to become a ring member.
      Please take a look at the FAQ section, it contains a lot of information about membership. If you have a question that is not listed in the FAQ section you can send it to us. NOTE: If the question already exist in the faq's you may not get a response to your email, so please check the faq's first.

      We REQUIRE you have the HTML on the entry page of your site or in a WebRing section clearly marked and linked. When folks surf the ring they need to be able to find their way back to the ring code to continue their Journey!

New Things at Poetry Cafe!
We have add a Members Section where you can add Your Literature!


A Great Big Thank you to Candace!
She is your assistant RingMaster and a GIANT asset to
Poetry Café!


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