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Is it just Composer or is the world really out of reach?
noesis0 has not posted photos as they are not ftpable with Composer. Or at least so it seems. What a pain in the keasterbutt!

I get nothing but errors. The FAQ and tutorials all say, "if epdimages dir does not exist, you need to make it." How? How do you make it? Will NC's presence continue or will the Xone fold?

Yep no pictures here!
This is nothing new here kids. It shouldn't be like pulling teeth.

This just in, ftp still does not work! The epdimages folder fails to exist and yet, I can't make it and therefor, so on and so forth.....................

September 7, 1999
Hmmm, updating here on the 7th of Sept. I see my epdimages dir has mysteriously appeared, maybe after I unpack I can upload the pictures!

July 21, 2000
This is the IBrowse edit test! So far, so good....

July 21 Update:
IT WORKED! SimpleFTP ULed the picture you see on the home page here! Yeah! Apparently, Amiga makes it happen. I can finally upload the pictures for this site! Well, it's been 2 years -- I wonder where they are....

September 27, 2000 -- Totally Amiga Unfriendly site!
Well, since this site needs Java to use the Chat feature, you know, what this site is. I'm looking into alternatives.

I tried to do a live update to the site and couldn't -- first on the Amiga via IBrowse, then the iMac via Netscape and there was no way to edit already existing files. Now this may be that they are working on the site and features are not yet reimplimented. I am updating this via IBrowse to type and SimpleFTP to post.

January 29, 2001 -- We've gone Chat to Post!
Well, we did it! The Xone is no longer an empty chat room lost on the net, unfriendly to non-javans. You can now post and it will be read at everyone's leisure. Java is not required and you don't have to be here when anyone else is. I hope this opens the area up to surfers of preferred platforms, like C64, Falcon and others.



January 11, 2002 -- Xone Found!
Sometime in the year 2001, after NBCi took over, and after the wonderful new posting area and the pictures and all, NBCi dumped the Xone without so much as a "Sianara Sucker!"

Being busy with Twin Baby Girls, I hadn't noticed. I simply got online one day and it was gone. No variation of the URL worked. I assume they dumped everybody. Maybe, they didn't even know we existed.

I looked at the files I had on my Commodore Amiga 1200, as well as the Escom Amiga. A backup of the site was nowhere to be found. I found the old pre-photo version with the over bloated Java, but no non-Java, close to finished version. Nothing. Had I saved a copy anywhere? The backup's been moved back over and it was not there among those files. All hope was lost.

Thoughts of, "is it cached on a server or someone's harddrive somewhere?" popped into my head, but I had no time to look into it.

Xoom had an overbloated editor and the chat area required Java. It didn't work for people using computers that were thought to be vintage by the rest of the world.

From the depths, of a system partition, buried away in a folder out of sight, lay the long forgotten backup of....The Xone! That's right, I've found the Xone and have been working on it to get it ULed right here. Stay tuned!

Why not move all the NC related sites here? Well, I like having NC reach across the world to be members of different online communities. This site is a thoughtful (reading and reflection) reference to things, rather than a visual "hey, look at that!" museum-type of place. Although, I always like to place pictures with the words when I can. So this is the place it has wound up. Let me know what you think.

Bogus Links and Such....
While I try to keep the links on working, some links and graphics associated with the Xone Pages (xone.htm and xonenews.htm) are no longer current, as Xoom is gone. They are preserved here for posterities sake. So keep that in mind.

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