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Greetings! And welcome to the Xone.

This site is dedicated to the Computers of long ago. It is an attempt to connect users of these fine old machines to others to share experiences and insights.

Come by and chat often!

Send us your photos!
If you have a Legacy computer, why not send us a photo along with some system TechSpecs and we'll post them in the Gallery area.

My first computer.
My first computer was a Timex/Sinclair 1000. I sort of inherited it from my Dad, who had received it from my Brother as a birthday present. He was not all that curious about it, so I set it up, messed around with it and decided to take BASIC programming at Boise State University.

My Second Computer
Well, ok, it wasn't my computer, it belonged to BSU (and probably still does). It was an HP3000 mainframe. While learning the ins and outs of it's BASIC, I learned of another intriguing computer -- the commodore 64.

This guy approached me in one of the terminal rooms and asked if everything was going ok. He went on to tell me about the commodore 64 being on sale for 235 dollars. Commodore was offering a 100 dollar rebate and Videon was offering a 100 dollar rebate. He was going to get this fantastic machine for 35!

Well, neither Commodore, nor Videon had rebates, so I got mine at KMart of all places, for $218.97.

Later some friends of mine (who were Computer Science Majors) said that guy would go to help people by sitting down to "see what was happening," tell them, "let's start over," log them out, "now, what is your password?" I guess he helped them after that, but the size of their accounts would go down.

Really, My Second Computer.
Ah, the commodore 64. I was in a humanities course at BSU when I had first thought about the Greek God of Thought and Intellect's name as being a cool name for a computer. Noesis became the name of my C64. Later that same semester I was at a pub with my Left Hand Cos (long story there) when I saw a poster for a beer called Leopard. I thought that would be a great last name -- pronounced Leo-Pard. Noesis Leopard I.

My Last Computer.
Well, you'd of thought that being a total commodore freakazoid, that after acquiring the guts to the illusive C65 (yes, that's a five), that I would call it quits. But I don't have an Altair yet.

Wang Professional Computer.
This is indeed a very impressive machine. The graphics in BASIC appear on a separate plane from the text. You can list the program to the screen and the hires picture will stay in place as the text rolls up and off the screen over the graphics.

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