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"N...Never a


A...Alone The NVA means alot to me. It's difficult to express, but here you can commune with others of like minds and spirit. We are all family here. Here to play, talk, as a shoulder to cry on, for advice... the NVA is Kindred...a place of peace." ~Thana RavynMoon "I joined to talk to others about vampirism & meet people/find friends. Turns out that these people are so wiked cool. They're there for ya when you need to talk, when you need advice, or when you just need a *hug* In Spook's opinion, being a member is a way to get information & advice on vampirism & life in general. A way to make new friends. As Blackfeather (I believe it was) put it..a haven. a...sort of 'safe'. it's wiked cool." *slips back into his shadows* ^v^Spooky^v^ "The NVA to me is also life, to make friends, to talk to the ones that can understand who and what I am without the hate. To have the feeling that there is somewhere where I am wanted and needed, where I am not an outcast. There is a type of love you get from being in the NVA. You never have to worry about being cast out again." ~Fourmokey "I am not a full member as yet but, I plan on it. This group means a lot to me. I have found many friends here and we help each other. That is the key word, we all have the same purpose for being here to come in contact with those who are like us, we share our feelings about different topics relating to vampirism but not limited to that. We share with each other, I love everyone here, they are like a family to me, that is what it is all about, knowing there is someone you can turn to that will understand. Darkest Blessings, Lustfallen" "I am not yet a full member, been on the list for a couple of months. It means: haven, acceptance, shelter, understanding, camaraderie, learning, sharing, self improvement, self esteem backer, it means a lot and I have only just begun." ~Blackfeather "I was just accepted as a NVA member and to me its life... Its about fitting in with other like myself, having someone to talk to, and share experiences. its about knowing someone has walked the same path as i and that other will and knowing that i can discuss and give advice where it counts" Forever Lost ~Shadowed Angel

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