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welcome to...

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G'day! I am Murray.

I may only be a small ape, but I have BIG dreams and big Adventures!!
Wiv a little (very little) help from John and the wonders of Modern Teknologicalities and through the power of Electrickery, welcome to


my new home on the internet.

You can visit all sorts of places with me and meet some of my far-flung friends (I flung some of them myself!), look at pictures, read stuff and see some Flash animations (if ya got the plug-in!) 'cos John has a copy of Flash 3, thanks to the very nice people at DESIGN GRAPHICS magazine and the clever guys at Macromedia (thanks a lot, guys... it's his new toy....) Have fun! Enjoy, enjoy... and send me heaps of bananas, 'cos I love 'em!!

Worthwhile Websites [by John, so we're biased]


Angels in the Architecture


Murray looks into..

I look at lots of interesting stuff from weddings to Starwars!

YES!! Euro stuff

This is where you'll find my adventures in central Europe

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="/id/murray/images/ozmuz.gif" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="110" ALIGN="BOTTOM" BORDER="0"></a></object> Australia

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="/id/murray/images/rastamuz.gif" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="110" ALIGN="BOTTOM" BORDER="0"></A>


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Do sign my Dreambook thingy, but pleeeeeeeeeeez remember I AM NOT a 'Munkey..'

Most of the stuff you'll find on these pages is COPYRIGHT, and comes from the furtive imagination of one John Cooper... if you want to use any of it, feel free... BUT let us know first!! er... if any one is interested in throwing some money his way, John could possibly come up with custom flash thingies for them! Not that he's mercenary, its just that he's got to finance the silly ape some how! Murray wants to go to the Czech Republic and (East) Germany in July with the Salvation Army for a month.....and that sort of travel don't come cheap! (Not on John's salary!)

While ya here, check out these places toooooo, ook ook

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