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Irish Mandolin
As Ghaeilge
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Contained in this site are details of a book written by Donnacha O Baoighill which details how to play music on the mandolin. The rudiments of learning music are covered.Information is given on how to read the notation, the duration of the notes and the relevant rests. Sharps, flats, natural notes,accidentals and dotted notes are also described. End of part signs are also explained.

As for playing the mandolin itself, details are given on how to learn and practise the common scales. A diagram is included of the fretboard. Tuning, picking, fingering and holding the mandolin are also covered. Various types of ornamentation are dealt with. 50 tunes which are written out in standard musical notation are included. These include 18 jigs, 21 reels 9 hornpipes ,a barndance and a fling.

*List of Tunes in Book*
1 Father Tom's Wager Jig
2 Tobin's Fancy  Jig
3 Girls of Banbridge  Jig
4 Trip to Athlone Jig
5 I will if I can  Jig
6 Daniel O'Connell  Jig
7 Gallowglass Jig
8 Macs Fancy  Jig
9 Boys of the Town Jig
10 Carraroe Jig  Jig
11 Monaghan Jig  Jig
12 Molloy's Jig  Jig
13 Humours of Drinagh  Jig
14 Mooncoin Jig  Jig
15 Hunours of Ballingarry  Jig
16 Father Kelly's Jig No. 2  Jig
17 Hammy Hamilton's No. 1  Jig
18 Hammy Hamilton's No.2  Jig
19 The Steeple Chase  Reel
20 O' Dowd's Favourite No. 1  Reel
21 O' Dowd's Favourite No. 9  Reel
22 Roaring Mary  Reel
23 My Love is in America Reel
24 Jenny Bang the Weaver  Reel
25 Broderick's Reel
26 Glencomcille  Reel
27 The Copperplate Reel
28 The Kerryman  Reel
29 Tom Wards Downfall  Reel
30 Thady Casey  Reel
31 O'Dowd's Favourite No. 2  Reel
32 The New Custom House  Reel
33 The Woman I Never Forgot  Reel
34 The Girl That Broke my Heart Reel
35 The Blackthorn Reel Reel
36 Last Nights Fun  Reel
37 The Boyne Hunt  Reel
38 The Chicago Reel  Reel
39 The Monsignor's Blessing  Reel
40 Eddie Kelly's Hornpipe  Hornpipe
41 Spellane the Fiddler  Hornpipe
42 The Cuckoo's Nest  Hornpipe
43 McIntyre's Hornpipe Hornpipe
44 Kitty's Wedding  Hornpipe
45 O'Dwyer's Hornpipe Hornpipe
46 Chief O'Neill's Favourite  Hornpipe
47 The Tailor's Twist  Hornpipe
48 The Ivy Bush Hornpipe
49 Flowers of Spring  Barndance
50 Johnny Will You Marry Me  Fling
*Book Purchase*

If you want to buy this book it costs 5 Irish punts or 5 sterling or $10 US dollars. The price includes airmail postage to any part of the world. To convert this into the currency of your country please click on the universal converter which follows: Universal Currency Converter

If you want to purchase any  this book please send the money to the following address.

Donnacha Ó Baoighill,  
50 Carrickhill Rise,  
Co. Dublin.  
Republic of Ireland.
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