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MacPhee's Military Modeling Site

This site contains scans of painted 1/72 scale figures from many time periods and manufacturers.  Check out the links section for related sites.  Click on the images below to browse my collection.  Please feel free to email me with any comments at  Please note that THIS IS A NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!

Many people have written me asking for tips in the painting of figures and treating them to endure handling.  I have compiled a page detailing step by step the process I use in painting plastic figures.  Click on the "painting techniques" link to learn more.

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Recent Updates:
12 November 03 Added review of 6mm Napoleonics from Baccus6mm.
12 November 03 Added new section; other scales.
17 Mar 03 Added page explaining infrequent updates
17 Mar 03  Added page for World War II Soviet Infantry
31 Jan 03    Updated email address
20 Jan 03    Updated pages on German Wehrmacht and American Infantry with new scans
08 Aug 02    Many pages updated with new links to images.
29 Jul 02    AWI pages updated.  New page on British Infantry added
29 Jul 02    Many changes to WWII pages: links to images updated, new scans added, new page on German Wehrmacht
19 Jul 02 Napoleonic Polish Infantry added
14 Jun 02 French Line Infantry, 1812-5 updated
14 Jun 02 French Line Infantry, 1806-11 updated
14 Jun 02 French Line Infantry, 1800-5 updated
14 Jun 02 French Light Infantry updated
31 May 02 WWI British Infantry updated
11 Jan 02 WW I Russian Infantry added

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