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this is me, mallivyn
Welcome to my HoL page. this page is dedicated to the playing and enjoyment of the centuries best RPG.HUMAN OCCUPIED LANDFILL! this site will have periodical info on character creation,weapons,GPS,and I am now scheduling online game play!!so hang out and enjoy and ill talk to ya soon!
Character creation rules STEP 1:Pick a totem from the plates below.choose carefully, this is the last ounce of free will that wont cost you. the plusses and minuses are the base scores to which you will add modifiers throughout genertion. the "kudos" are the points you spend per chart to advance the character.
parakeet:meat:0,mouth:0,feets:+3,nuts:+1,greymatta:-1,starting kudos:24 the gunnin for the window totem/redressed,never content, rebellion-brewin kinda guy
poodle:meat:-1,mouth:+3,feets:0,greymatta:+1,nuts:-1,starting kudos:22 the bad haircut totem/like to bitch,don't like to get involved. i just want to get my car out of this bad space.
lemming:meat:+2,mouth:0,feets:0,greymatta:0,nuts:+2,starting kudos:22 the counsteautem/akin to the moth, but just not enjoying itself nearly as much. wears a lot of black,and carries shitty,dog eared copy of "catcher in the rye"
sloth:meat:0,mouth:-1,feets:-2,greymatta:+3,nuts:+1,starting kudos 28 the jesus keep your shirt on totem/middleman operator suppreme-smugler,fencer, C&M franchize owner.
chinchilla:meat:0,mouth:0,feets:+1,greymatta:0,nuts:-2,starting kudos 25 the I am sneaky but please do not immerse me fully in water or all my fur will fall out in clumps totem/secretive,Quite little freaks,the chinchillas often manifest itself in the form of the dark arts:skullduggery,subterfuge,telemarketing.
scallop:meat:+4,moth: ,feets:0,greymatta:-2,nuts:0,starting kudos 26 the all muscle totem/you wouldnt like me when im mad
moth:meat:0,mouth:0,feets:+1,nuts+3,starting kudos 26 the wantonly covetous of burnig death totem/pilots,belters,missionaries,anyone drawn to the glories of folly. y'know, a yutz
earwig:feets:+1,meat:0,mouth:0,nuts:+1,starting kudos 18+2d6 the tile grout mmm.. ..moist.. totem/osttracized,scum ridden,creatures of the shadowy depths, you want nothing more nothing less, than mildew laced vengenced.
sea-cucumber:meat:0,mouth:0,feets:0,greymatta:0,nuts:0,starting kudos 30 the softrock totem/the Quintessential middle of the road accountant type. never makes gump rolls. but with a little bit of pepper....
bush baby:meat-1,mouth:0,feets+3,greymatta:+2,nuts:-2,starting kudos 26 the if you do not kill me soon i will surrely die of fright totem/fast,nible theives. whistleblowers.
platypus:meat:+1,mouth:+1,feets:+1,greymatta:+1,nuts:+1,starting kudos 20 the what?Is there something on my face totem/living an entirly random existance. you get you jollies from other's misfortune. WHEE!!
STEP 2:Roll pudding, and homeworld, to represent your early life, and record the results.from now on you will recive all kinds o' stuff. this is how it works:All gains in kudos,stats,skills clusters& specific skills ARE cumulitive. gains in chart bonuses are not! also powers are not cumulitive,and you don,t re-roll if you already have the mutation or power. Roll pubes aswell.
STEP 3: Charts: Having recorded the results of step 2& totalled them,roll on the chartchart. this will place you in the chart loop. Go to the chart specifies. anytime you roll on the chartchart you must go to and accept the results from, the chart it sends you to. once on the new chart,you must pay 1 kudo if there is a cost listed.the cost is next to the chart name in (). roll apropriate dice(1 six sided dice/1d6 or two/2d6)and record results. at the end of the chart entry it will tell you wich chart to go to. you must go to that chart and accept the results or by off it. it costs two kudos to buy onto the chartchart or 4 kudos to buy to another chart of your my not buy onto the folowing charts:clown college,blessed by the almighty,totem,pudding,or pubes.continue spending kudos until you are kicked off,or out off kudos. once you fall under 6 kudos,however,you must make a gump roll(roll under or equel to the amount of kudos you have left on 1d6 or go to the HoL chart.
When you haved finished:any stats that have gone over 10:take the excess and redistribute them throughout the other stats*same for skills that have gone over 6. any left over kudos may divided up into stats at a 1for1 cost or skills for 1for5cost. *Ok im not typing out all the charts for you(untill i get realy board)so go out and get "buttery wholesomeness" for the charts*
now how about some GUNS!!!!!
heres just a few for now:harbinger of the void20/6(0)/999'(-)/H[hollywood]unique(NO)0 gore-x rotary tenderiser and bladecaster15/3(+1)/36'(-)/C[15]359(box of 4000 bendy-straws)-1 sodomy shotguns20/4(+3)/51'(10'blast radius)/G[2]possesion is punishable by naked keel-hauling in open space (battle wagon w/am/fm stereo,air,white wall tires and real curinthine leather seats)+1
now that the chat portion of this site is up and running i will be hosting HoL games in the room above. if you want to play send me you characters via e-mail and dates/times you are free to play.Then i will arrange a day and time for a game. If you would like to Holemiester send me an email and i'll send you character sheets and we can work out a date.
these chats below are for GPS any one can use them for any thing.the only rule i have is no virus slinging!!! soon i will have days where i or someone else will answer questions about HoL or even just hang out and talk.
all materials dealing with "Human Occupied Landfill" or "Buttery Wholesomeness" is copyright by dirtmerchant games(Daniel Thorn,Todd Shaughnessy,and Chris Elliot)All rights reservied

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