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The Rules

1. All gangs wishing to enter must pick only 2 representatives to play.  If a player is
    unable to play for any reason, a substitute from the same gang is allowed only if all players involved
    agree upon the substitution.
2. All matches will be played under full Martial Law rules.
    2a. Bobbing and similar cheap tactics may result in forfeit if they are continued after
          ONE in-game warning.  In the case of a violation of these rules, ejection from the
          ladder may result.
    2b. Use of the gat will be decided upon by the competitors.
3. All matches will be played to 50 kills.
4. Any level is considered to be legal if all players approve, but level preference
    goes to those being challenged.
5. Matchmaking is the responsibility of the players, and can be done through email,
     chat on main, etc.
6. Matches will be reported to me for posting through email.
7. You may only challenge any team ranked up to 3 spaces ahead of you.
8. As with most ladder tourneys, if the higher ranked gang loses, they switch spots
    with the winning team.  If the lower gang loses, they move back one spot on the
    ladder.  In addition, each win is worth 2 points and each loss has a -1 point penalty tacked on.
9. In cases of lag and/or freezing, the match may be restarted or postponed before either gang reaches 10
    kills with a fresh score of 0-0.  After 10 kills, the match will resume from the score
    recorded before the game became unplayable.  Same applies for a sudden game crash
    (gotta love the zone).
10. Any gang that wishes to withdraw may do so at any time.