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1985 Honda Silver Wing. Sold the chopper to get a bike to go from Boston to the Rockies (twice)
Great 1 passenger touring bike.

1985 Honda 1100 Shadow.
Thought this was a cheaper, better built Harley
Of course it didn't have the cool factor or the noise, but it was much better to ride.
After trading this in on the next BMW, I later traded that in on another 0 mile, left over Shadow 1100.

When BMW introduced the in-line 4, thought it might be the best bike made.
I was annoyed with a backfiring problem, and after a year, traded back for the another new Shadow, but then after driving the 2nd Shadow for a year, I traded it for a demo K100RS just like the previous one.

1985 FXRS LowRider
Was a decent Harley, I liked it a lot. Some clown ran a stop sign and plowed into me. Bike never seemed quiet right after that.

1986 Honda Gold Wing Interstate (mine was black)
I really prefer this size over the new 6 cylinder Wings.

1987? Yamaha FJ1200
My first "oh my god" fast bike. Very comfortable. Had this at same time as the Goldwing. Great when you can have a go-far and a go-fast bike.

Got this because I really wanted to do some more long distance touring.