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Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

Hey what’s up everybody?!

Well, I am trying to update this site; get some new pictures, new art up here… revamp… so bear with me. Ok.

heres the news: i am currently living in ct. still working at ruby tuesday. i am engaged to the wonderful maria del santo. and in 1 day we will have been together for 3 years. i am very excited to celebrate a 3 year anniversary. the engagement happened this summer on our trip to california. late june in berkeley at sunset overlooking the san francisco bay, she accepted. we pretty much spend all of our time together, we have lived together for a little over a year and work together at ruby's. we are currently staying at maria's dads house while waiting for closure on our house we are buying in moosup,ct. very nice, cozy 3 bedroom, 2 story house. wrap around porch, sunroom with skylights, fenced in backyard... and my favorite feature.... it comes with a dishwasher. oh... is a big step to take buying a house before marriage but we think that it will be a good investment. and i can't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. so hopefully all of this hard work will pay off. aside from the news... um... a little about myself..i am drew french. my net name jenova is just a big monster thing from a game called final fantasy 7. music: i am into hardore music, mostly christian: zao, living sacrifice, blindside, norma jean.... but have been known to listen to a great deal of tool and converge, throw in some atreyu and poison the well and call it a day. anything technical, complex, or well orchestrated. lots and lots of radiohead, some bjork, some king crimson... before work though... definitely metal. pets? 2 miniature schnauzers, harry winston and lola... and at the moment 4 abandoned kittens. hopefully we will give 2 or 3 away. hobbies? at the time none, unless you count workaholic. i have tried a few times to do some art... but i need a more comfortable space. photography lately... trying to capture this whole fall thing that happens up here.. absolutely breathetaking colors. plus we just got a new camera a few months ago a canon rebel g2. good stuff... watching movies? is that a hobby? i do my fair share of movie critiquing. i don't know if i spelled that right. and last but not least tuesday and wednsday night pool league. i heart playing pool...other than that i guess i am pretty boring. i go to the occasional show um, i have an old survey thing you can click on up there if you want to know useless facts… but i hope you like this site… visit often….sign the guestbook make suggestions… i hope it will be different every time you visit… i plan on updating it frequently. have a nice day! drew*

oh yeah, and if you want to see it, here's my old site.and i finally got my art published on a site so check it out at NEW ART!!!!. Here are some more random pictures for your viewing pleasure: MORE PICTURES. If you’d like to email me.. just click on the link:

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