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Itty Bitty the Russian Blue Cat

Itty Bitty

This page is the beginning of my very first Web site. I am Itty Bitty, a real female Russian Blue cat who now lives on in cyberspace. If that sounds cryptic or mysterious, please read the first entry in my Guest Book (below).

In the picture above, you see me with my friend Ellie the elephant. Immediately below, at age one year and one week in the winter of 1990-91, I am relaxing on the sofa at my home on Mt. Helix near San Diego, California. It was a special occasion, a close friend's birthday, because I am wearing one of my favorite pink ribbons.

Itty Bitty on the sofa

Itty Bitty and Bastet

In the photograph above, you see me as a kitten (c. summer 1990), shortly after I joined the household, with my friend Bast, a.k.a. Bastet, a female Abyssinian.

Itty Bitty on the rocks

The above photograph is my human companions' current favorite. It shows me enjoying the afternoon sun and fresh air on the rocks outside of my home on Mt. Helix in the spring of 1991. I used to like to spend time outside but my companions, in order to make sure that I didn't follow my wilder instincts and wander off chasing a bird or some other small prey, always took care to put on my pretty red harness which was attached to a leash.

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