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Latest Updates:

-08.26.10 OMG, I can't believe this historic website still exists! Well if you found it, blame google. In any case, these things are all relics, data wise. I don't keep a trade list. But I do update my wants list at google websites. Ah, well.

-09.17.06 Has it been that long? I sense some data on this page must be lost. Xbox Live gamertag:

Tradelist always being updated, so take a peek if you're in the trade/market.

-05.18.06 Lots of stuff coming and going. I'm still actively trading. And selling once a month on eBay. Peel your eyes keeped.

-01.19.06 I am still here. Tradelist updated regularly. I hope to get prices on there consistently.

-12.17.05 Large updates. Some stuff off, many many nice things on the tradelist. Lots of great stuff coming out of storage with duplicates for the trade/sale list. Been trading alot lately. Like I likes it. And do notice that I am confirming old stuff from the tradelist with the special ' ` ' symbol. Those items have been recently confirmed and are more likely to be there if you want them.

-08.16.05 Big ups, as in updates to the tradelist. Check it out. More stuff for Odyssey, SMS, NES, Lynx and more. Let's trade! Or buy some stuff.

-07.25.05 I went through the trouble of compiling some vital statistics here:
Complete Collections (not including boxes or foreign releases):
Atari 5200
Atari 7800
Atari Jaguar
Atari Lynx
Bally Astrocade
Channel F
Odyssey 2
Tomy Tutor
Videopac (minus homebrews 61 and 62)
Sega Dreamcast

Incomplete Collections:
Atari 2600 (missing 6 NTSC titles)- more than 2200 unique carts)
Neo Geo: 20/122
Nintendo NES 405/774 (dupe collection- full collection in storage)
Nintendo Virtual Boy 13/14 (not including Red Alarm Demo)
Nintendo SNES 308/756
Nintendo 64 133/317
Sega Master System 222/352
Sega Game Gear 110
Sega Genesis 411 (388 boxed, 326 complete)
Sega 32x 24/32
Sega CD 121/152
Sega Saturn 171/250
Sony Playstation 146
Turbografx 16 90/96
TurboCD 17/42

Aquarius 11/15 (including memory modules)
Atari 8-bit 256
Commodore 64 218
MP-1000 (complete vs. 12/13)
RCA Studio II 11/12
Commodore VIC-20 150

-07.01.05 OK, so back into storage. I still get stuff for trade. New things found weekly. I'll add 'em as I get 'em. And in a few months, I'll re-add all the old recent stuff, and in a few more months, I'll re-add the old tradebait, which amounts to a respectable classic game store's worth of stuff.

-03.26.05 Around 40 items added. Saturn, PAL NES, SMS, N64, more. Check it out!

-03.19.05 Still here, tradelist changing regularly. Stuff coming and going. Take a look, please!

-02.04.05 Several items sold, many added. Check my list of items for sale at Buying and Selling at and mirrored at Marketplace at

-01.09.05 Everything is verified, so let's trade! Anything with a '?' needs to be verified at the time of the trade, but that's just a few instruction manuals.

-01.07.05 Happy New Year! That store didn't work out, so I'm back to the usual tradelist, which is updated by the way! Everything with a 'v' next to it, I confirmed today, and everything else, I can probably find. Check it out!

-12.11.04 I've started adding spare things to my new STORE hosted for free on Please check out my stuff, buy something, and then play more games! I will also try to update my tradelist, but I'd prefer to have everything for sale with pictures, but then trade all that stuff when possible.

-10.27.04 I'm still here dammit! I'm looking into ecommerce solutions on the cheap so that I can make it easier to buy stuff from me, although I still intend to consider every spare item ripe for trade. Many items to be added to stock soon. Very soon.

-10.09.04 Just picked up 10 N64 games for less than $4 apiece at EB Games- must go back. You must, too! One spare came of it- NHL '98- care to trade your crummy sports title for mine?

-10.03.04 Got back from another trip and hi ho I have a ton added to the tradelist. 40+ items, including some boxed 2600, Genesis, Megadrive, Saturn, TG16 and more.

-09.23.04 Loads of boxed 2600 added to the tradelist, with a couple of tough boxes like Atari Video Cube. Finally, I had time to test all those out and get them listed here. Cash is as good as trade these days.

-09.07.04 Blah blah I say! Tradelist souped up and should be 98% accurate. I added some funky boss Genesis titles and a few other items so check it out!

-08.29.04 Many items added to the tradelist. I have to confirm that some items remain (i.e. that I didn't sell them at CGE.) This is shown on my tradelist. I probably have at least 40 items to add/confirm/test, plus I got in a nice load of 2600 stuff (spares from a large eBay bundle I bought for a few titles/boxes) including loads of boxed and cartridges including a boxed Atari Video Cube. Keep checking back if you're into that sort of thing.

-08.23.04 CGE was a blast, but unfortunately there isn't much left on my tradelist. It won't take long to replenish it, but in the meantime, all I can do is sell stuff on eBay and buy more. Please check back and see the amazing growing tradelist! I did manage to fill a major hole in my tradelist: Color Bar Generator (signed by the creator) is now mine! I'm pretty darn close to a reasonably complete 2600 collection (reasonably, because some of those NTSC titles (Atari BMX Airmaster, Wall Defender, Great Escape, Mangia) will be tough to find- but I have them in PAL format, so the urgency is limited.)

-08.01.04 I'm still here! Dammit! I have done some trading lately. Yay! Some stuff is gone, a few items added. Please keep checking back.

-07.17.04 Tradelist updated! I have a pretty good C64 tradelist at this point. Saturn completes added. Take a peek!

-07.10.04 OK, so there's a new little tradelist for your perusal. Please throw down- I'm happy to sell or trade any of this stuff ASAP!

-06.21.04 Moving around so much, I can't keep a tradelist at all. All 2000 of my previous items for trade are in storage, and I just don't have access to any of them. Hopefully, within a year or two, I'll be able to trade again with POWER, but in the meantime, just check out my auctions on eBay- anything I'm selling is also for trade! (See link below)

-04.26.04 Oh my goodness! All old tradestuff is in storage, but alas, a new tradelist has been issued. Check it out! Much smaller, and always open to cash offers. Please hit me up!

-02.09.04 Oh no! Moving became inevitable and the collection was packed up again, including my tradelist! Everything is on hold until we sell our current home and then buy another house. This could take 2 months or 2 years, I don't know! Dangit! I wish I'd kept the tradebait out, but there wasn't enough space. I'll have to work on a mini-tradelist of recent scores. Stay posted!

-12.13.03 More Atari 8-bit titles added.

-12.08.03 Added some Atari 8-bit titles, a couple of boxed VIC games and the Xband Genesis boxed

-10.29.03 I'm still updating my tradelist- just check back every week. I added a few Saturn titles, NES games, and a few 2600 titles (nothing spectacular on the 2600 front.) Lots of Colecovision boxes, tabletops and handheld games to come.

-10.01.03 I'm back! Lots of NES added to the tradelist- at least 25 titles, as well as a few SMS and SegaCD titles. Neat!

-08.13.03 Much was sold and traded at CGE so my tradelist is bound to be a bit inaccurate. It is my intention to go ecommerce with this site and make it a trade/sale list, though that could take some time to work out. In the meantime, I have to check on everything thoroughly before a trade is agreed on, and everything is for sale. A few items have been added and many others were removed.

-08.05.03 Paypal accepted! Well, I've been on paypal for a long time, but that's my way of saying if it ain't nailed down, it's for sale. This tradelist takes up too much space. Mind you, I intend to keep a tradelist always, but it just can't be this big. Over the next months I'll be eBaying tradebits, starting with the slowest movers and getting towards the cash cows as needed. Too much to spend money on and too little to trade for these days- though I'm always up for a trade! I still trade about 8 times each month! More stuff will be continually added to the tradelist. My long term goal is a low key eccomerce solution through paypal or something. Tids and bits added to the tradelist lately, though I sold off several boxed G&W's recently and traded a good amount for a TurboGrafx module for the laseractive.

-07.20.03 Finally another TG16 score- some TG added, as well as Saturn, a few NES boxes, and the Double Deal SegaCD Dracula/Frankenstein. Trade on!

-06.17.03 This and that added weekly. I'm still here! We're moving, and I look forward to unpacking my collection in my new game room! This will result in deluges of nice items being added to the tradelist. Keep your eyes peeled in June!

-05.26.03 Huge amounts of Colecovision titles added. Some need to be removed already- mainly boxed/complete stuff. Loads of other items added.

-04.17.03 Many boxed 2600 titles added to the list, as well as Lynx,MUCHO C64,several Dreamcsat and more

-04.12.03 Tons of stuff added- TG16, Virtual Boy, Lynx, Saturn, 2600 (James Bond 007), several NES boxes. A few things added to the Heavy list (2600 Best protos and more)

-03.09.03 Thanks to a massive trade with Willie Berden, I thinned out my tradelist to the tune of more than 200 items. Thanks for Eli's Ladder, Willie. If you've got something I am serious about in trade, you can expect similar!

-03.08.03 A few things added to many systems- 32x,SegaCD,NES,Dreamcast,Genesis,TI99. Check it out!

-02.26.03 Always stuff being added, and wants list getting shorter. Remember, I need alot of Saturn and Sega CD titles, as well as Genesis (low priority) and import Sega Master System stuff. Get with it and trade! DC Frogger and Qbert to be added. Loads of goods. Keep peeking.

-02.11.03 Copious Sega Master System games added to the list, as well as a boxed German Microvision, a Famicom system, a Coco multiplexor, and a Radio Shack Pong system. More to come.

-02.08.03 Many items added- lots o' handhelds (imports!), Taiwan 2600 carts, various and sundry items- have a look! At least 40 items added.

-01.14.03 Handhelds, Virtual Boy boxed, lots of other random stuff added. Czech it out!

-12.30.02 Happy New Year (soon)! Many 2600 Brazilian carts added. 5200 list cleaned up (many carts traded- thanks Marcelo!)

-12.17.02 Nintendo Game and Watches and other handhelds added to tradelist. Some 2600 Braz stuff added. Heavy hitter stuff added- 2600 titles like Xman NTSC and Ultravision Condor Attack. Phew!

-12.11.02 Many items added. Some nice 2600 stuff. CDI titles. More SMS and NES titles coming soon.

-11.26.02 NES commons added, C64 carts,Intellivision commons, 3D0 bounty hunter, Koala Pad and more. Check it out!

-11.04.02 Several random Arcadia titles, several goofy TI99 titles, a few 2600 carts, Final Fantasy NES maps and others added to the tradelist.

-10.15.02 Added a couple 3D0 games (in misc), a couple Super Cassette Vision games, a couple SMS games, and V-boy Mario's Tennis.

-10.14.02 Various items added to the tradelist, the most notable of which is Spitball Sparky Game and Watch. I'd like to trade it for a Crab Grab- got a spare?

-10.08.02 Wantslist refined. What you see on that list is what I need for my collection- only. If you have something on my want list, expect a fine trade. Actually, you'll get the best trades for systems that have the fewest things I need. For example, If you have any of the Atari 2600 carts that I need, expect a very nice trade- since I only need about 8 US carts.

-10.07.02 For your trading pleasure- several SegaCDs added, several Odyssey 2 titles, few NES and several common Intellivision titles complete, as well as an Inty System changer.

-09.28.02 Saturn games, Xonox Chuck Norris / Spikes Peak (tough!) and many more added to the list.

-09.21.02 A few items added to the tradelist, including a Channel F system II and more. Some things were removed thanks to excellent trades with Hewston,ClubNinja,ArcadeAntics, and yet another trade with Tim Rivet. Thanks guys!

-09.07.02 Tradelist updated- a bunch of fine 2600 titles added, as well as a few other items.

-09.02.02 Some nice SegaCD games added to the tradelist, as well as two Dreamcast games. Took a few things off- another trade with ArcadeAntics!

-08.13.02 Got a few SNES and Gameboy items on the list, as well as some N64 and Gameboy guides.

-08.10.02 Phew! Been busy. Added some Dreamcast stuff and 5200 titles to the tradelist. This baby thing takes it's toll. I've relocated to Seattle. We like it here!

-07.14.02 Check out the latest addition to my collection: Van.
Added a few things to the trades (mostly 2600 Braz titles) and Spilcevision Spitfire for Colecovision to my Heavies list. Did I tell you I have Qbert's Qubes 2600 for trade now? Neat! Thanks to trades, I removed a few items, too, including Pharaoh's Curse and Atari Video Cube. Maybe I'll get them in again sometime.

-07.02.02 Removed a few things from trades- a bunch of handhelds and other stuff. What did I get from Brian (Roagie)? An Imagination Machine (still need a power supply) and an Action 52 NES cart.

-06.29.02 Large number of Saba Channel F German carts added, as well as weird Arcadia consoles and carts,2600 pirate consoles complete in box, Tomy Monster Burger handheld and a few other things. Thanks to a trade with Arcade Antics, I also took off a few items.

-06.22.02 About 25 items added, including Lynx, several TG16 titles, handhelds, and other random things.

-06.02.02 At least 30 items added, including sealed Atari 8-bit,several nice Odyssey 2 items complete and lots of handhelds. Finally got that update done!

-05.23.02 Muchos Brazilian carts added to the tradelist. Some boxed Digiplay added to the for sale list. Remember, all the sale items are for trade, too! Handhelds also added to the tradelist. Heavy Hitter list updated with a couple 2600 titles, too.

-05.11.02 Added some Atari 8-bit stuff including an XE computer with light gun, some import Braz carts, Mattel Horse Racing Analyzer, and a Tandy Coco 2 with manuals.

-05.07.02 Took off a few things, added some common complete 2600 carts.

-05.04.02 Added Turbografx wants to the wantslist. And Turbografx chips to the tradelist.

-05.03.02 Added a few loose Jag games and a Virtual boy to the tradelist

-05.02.02 Added a few things to the tradelist- Brazilian import boxed Engesoft games (already on the for sale list. Also listing a ton on eBay this week. Need cash badly! I will consider selling anything on my tradelists. Drop me a note if you are interested. I recently got a limited edition QB for myself and my tradelist (complete in gorgeous wood box! Thanks Andrew Davie!) Added a few titles to my Dreamcast collection, and nearing the halfway point.

-04.25.02 For sale list added. I will try to add more stuff to the list in the future, as I do get alot of requests. I prefer trading, when the offer is right, but it's a bit more flexible for me to convert cash into stuff I need.

-04.24.02 Tradelist updated. A few boxed/sealed 2600 and Intellivision games,CCE titles,and a few motley others (including a couple G&W's.) Sent Tempest some Video Brain carts, so that selection is a little reduced.

-04.15.02 Tradelist updated. Some Acetronic carts, a VIC-20 double ender, Dreamcast DDR 2nd Mix (Import!), NES Death Race, and some common NES carts were added today. I got to take the Videopac Basic Module off of my wants list- although I still need the box for that thing.

-04.07.02 Tradelist updated. I added some 2600 Brazilian imports, Colecovision carts, and C64 carts, as well as Amaze-a-tron and some Microvision stuff. Wantlist updated- I made a rather thorough C64 and 8-bit wants section. If there are carts on those lists that are undiscovered, tell me.

-04.02.02 Tradelist updated. A few boxed and loose Atari 8-bit titles added, as well as some 2600 including some Zellers carts (including Time Warp boxed), and Pete Rose Baseball.

-03.25.02 Tradelist updated. SC3 didn't take as much of a toll as I would have hoped, but I did come home with several things I needed like 2 VIC Tronix carts complete in box, Porky's sealed (thanks Geoff!), Frogger II 5200 sealed, a boxed Pyoota cart (thanks Edward!) and a few other nice items. I also now have a Vectrex for trade!

-03.13.02 Tradelist updated.

-02.22.02 Site features updated- several weirdities added. Tradelist updated.

-02.20.02 Webpage updated Welcome to the modern world!

-02.15.02 Tradelist updated

Got a Casio VL-Tone (VL-1)? You probably don't know what that ADSR sound is for if you don't have the manual, so I typed a little exerpt from the manual so you can play with what is the coolest part of this little 1 voice powerhouse.

ADSR Explained!


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