Long roads we have followed, and it is not by chance that we meet here. Sojourn here for a season, explore the secrets of these crossroads, and perhaps leave this encounter with something more than what you had when you came. Gathered within these pages is a collection of ideas drawn from the tempest of imagination. Each is a parable, a tale of searching and finding, of sacrifice and triumph, of loss and joy. Within these portals you will see the quest for prizes such as courage, hope, love, faith, and beauty. And in seeing, such blessings can take root in life. Thank you for tarrying a while, Wanderer.

Perhaps we will meet again...

Enter features the fantasy art of illustrator, Charles Urbach, and is the only source on the web for his products. On the pages that follow you can find galleries of works that are currently available, biographical information, ordering information, and methods of communicating with the artist. This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher, with your screen set to a resolution of at least 800x600. In other browsers and formats, content may appear out of place and oversized. If you are visiting here for the first time, enter through the icon above. If you are familiar with the site, use the navigation runes to the left.

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