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Updated 1 November 2003


SEVERAL years ago I was just crazy about these plants and imported and grew over 500 related genera including Epiphyllums, Rhipsalis, Aporophyllums, Aporocacti, Schlumburgeras and Rhipsalidopsis, etc, and a few succulents. (I am also a long-time grower of African Violets and Gesneriads.)

THEY are fascinating and very enjoyable to grow and so easy; they still continue to interest me, with their varying growth habits and the most gorgeous flowers!

AT ONE time I sold these plants as Cuttings to other plant enthusiasts, by mail order, which was a lot of fun, and also to recoup some of the costs involved with importation and quarantine, etc. The name of the small mail order business was "Rainforest Cacti". I also did a little hybridising with Rhipsalidopsis (Easter Cacti). Some of my own crosses have survived, these need repotting and growing on for further evaluation ...

IT IS a very long time since my plants were given my care and attention, because of too many other commitments. This year, in the Springtime when it is warmer, I plan to make time and sort out my old Collection, tidy up the shadehouse where many of them still live, and repot everything. Anything that has lost its name will be removed. (Sorry!) I do fear that a lot of them will now be unnamed.

IF I have enough plants that have survived, and retain their name-tags, I may resume my little mail order business, depending on the level of interest shown.
Maybe I will be able to trade varieties with other enthusiasts at some stage as well.

~ WATCH THIS SPACE ~ as once everything is sorted out and tidied up, a new listing will be compiled of all Named Plants left in the Collection, and it will be posted here.
I will also attempt soon to place here my old listing for your interest. :)


Well we have just finished moving into our new house, after living by beautiful Hamilton Lake for the past 12 months and I have a large number of fresh cuttings taken from my old plant collection. - There are approx 240 in all, of Epies, Rhipsalidopsis, Rhipsalis, Schlumburgera, Aporophyllums and Aporocacti, and Hoya. I am sooooooo pleased so many have survived thus far, and with not so many labels not legible!

Now, to dry them out sufficiently, and to get them carefully rooted, once again, as in the beginning. X Fingers that they will continue to survive! :)

Here is the list from my database, sorry it is run-on text only, but at least is in Alphabet order (mostly):-

A. Caroline A. Hawaiian Sunset A. Inca Pearl A. Merriel A. Sylvia A. Tania.

Academy Award Ackermanii species Agatha Altensteinei Amber Queen Amethystinum Angel Fluff Anguliger species Antoinette Argus Aristocrat Astronaut Athena Ballarat Bambi Bayou Belle Beautiful Dreamer Bella Vista Best Regards Born Free Bruin Bunker Hill Buss - ? C.P. Sherfy Cadiz Carnival Dancer Chauncey Cheerfulness China Bowl Christine Christmas Red Cleopatra Climax Cloudburst Clown Colonial Dame Coming Challenge Confetti Conqueror Convent Garden Conway's Giant Cooperii species Corrigata species Crenatum species Czarina Daisy Dean Dancing in the Dark Dante Dark Daphne David Copperfield Day In Spring Dazzling Delight Desert Sunrise Dr Werderman Dracula Duke of Windsor.

Easter Morn Eastern Trance Eden Ensemble Excello Fair Annett Fair Lassie Fawn Ferne La Borde Fireside Flirtation Friaction CSS Friedrich Werner Beul Friend Parker Fruhling Garden Party Garlan O'Barr George French George's Favourite Globetrotter Gold Coin Gold Flash Gold Rush Golden Fleece Golden Harvest Goldie Grace Ann Great Waltz Grecian Urn Green Ice Happy Sprite Hatiora Bambasioides Hermossissimus Hylocereus undatus.

Ice Follies Indian Fox Indian Maid Innisfree Invitation Irette Jennifer Ann Jolly Roger Kami Karl Gielsdorf King Midas Kon Tiki Latin Lover Lemon Custard Leonotis London Girl London Glamour London Glory London Magic London Sunshine Lotus Queen Louise Irwin Loving Cup Machoness Madeline Maiden's Prayer Marie Marmalade Maryland Mauvette Memories Miniature Molly Sinclair Mondora Bell Montezuma Moon Baby Moonlight Sonata Mrs G.E. Fields Mystic Mood Native Dancer New ---- ? Nocturne Nora Mae Orange Glory Overture Patience Patrician Perleberg Pfersdorfee Pinafore Pink Ballet Pink......... Polar Bear Pride of Bell Pride of San Gabrielle Primrose Princess Emma Prissy Professor Ebert Punch Bowl Puppy Love R. Mesem. R. Paradoxa R. Rhodamine R. Teres R. Warmingiana Rajah Rapture Reflected Glory Rhipsalidopsis China Rose Rhipsalis - wavy Rhipsalis long Rose Lustre Royal Beauty Ruby Snowflake Ruth Wallace.

S. Deena S. grandiflorus S. Orange Giant S. Pillar Box S. Pontiac S. Rainbow or Epi? S. Sunburst S. Superbiens S. Tico Tico Sacuntula San Bernadino San Pasqual Saracen Sea Breeze Selenicereus hamatus Shinto Snow Leopard Southern Beauty Souv de C. Darrah Souvenir Star of Bethlehem Star of Persia Strictum species Sue Sugar Plum Fairy Sun Goddess Sunland Sunset Symphony Tambourine Tassel Tina Titian Trocadero Utopia Velvetta Vita Fire Viva Rouge Wild Acclaim Wonderful One.

Z. Celeste Z. Christmas Charm Z. Christmas Fantasy Z. Delicatus Z. Electra Z. Electrica Z. Exquisite Z. Firecracker Z. Galaxy Z. Gold Charm Z. Harmony Z. Lipstick Z. Madam Ganna Walska Z. Mary Lou Z. Miranda Z. Mystic Z. Nancy Large Pink Z. Naomi Z. Opal Hybrid Z. Pauline Z. Peach Parfait Z. Pink Elephant Z. Pink Perfection Z. Red Radiance Z. Vicki Z. White Christmas Zorina Zsa Zsa

My youngest daughter, Caitlin, listed the names from the cuttings for me and she did very well. I haven't checked them against my original listing as yet but will as soon as I can.

Unfortunately, but not surprising, my own seedlings of Rhipsalidopsis have not made it, and I believe I will attempt to do some more hybridising when I am able and when the plants are established and blooming once again.

If you wish to Chat on ICQ about these plants, look for me, I am Kiwilass.
On Yahoo IM I am Kiwiviolet, on MSN I am Kiwiviolets ...
If you would like to exchange Website Links with me, just let me know.

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