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Exploring Explorers

General Information on Explorers

1. ExplorersProvides links to reports by Mrs. Vanicek’s Fifth Grade Class at Dodge Elementary School Grand Island, Nebraska

2.Explorers of the New World This was created by fifth graders at Palisades Elementary School in Lake Oswego, Oregon

3.Explorers list These are projects of year 5 and year 6 students at Hallet Cove South Primary.

4. The Exploration of the Americas This was created by Dr. Prudhomme's fifth grade class at V.L Murray Elementary.

5.Explorer Card Student Work by fourth graders at Germantown Academy.

6.Explorers of the Millennium This was created by some 4th and 5th grade students at Sherwood School in Highland Park, IL. It was the 4th place winner of the 1998 ThinkQuest Jr. Contest.

7. Explorers This was created by three juniors at the University of Richmond.

8. Discovery: The New WorldWorld Culture Page by Richard Hooker 1997 associated with Washington State University

9. Explorers and Exploration – Discovering the ExplorersPage by Robinson Research World of Knowledge

10.Age of Exploration Curriculum Guide

11.Latitude: The Art and Science of Fifteenth Century Navigation at Rice University

12.Discovery and Exploration at American Memory Library of Congress Geography and Map Division

13.Discoverers Web by Andre Engels

14.Exploration is a Risky Business by the Discoverers Web. This lists explorers who died while exploring.

15.The European Voyages of Exploration: The Fifthteenth and Sixteenth Centuries This was developed by the Department of History at the University of Calgary.

16. 1400-1650 Voyages of Discovery This was a Web Chronology Project of the Department of History at North Park University.

17.Exploration Vocabulary by The Mariners’ Museum Newport News, Virginia

18.Team Mnemonic presents Virtual Explorer on Magellan, Cabral and Polo.This is a game produced by students from a class in the Department of Computer Science at UT Austin

Explorers and Exploration by Nationality

19.Portuguese.Illustrious Portuguese Navigators. Concept and Design by Pedro H. Duarte

20.Spanish.Spanish Exploration and Conquest of Native America.

21.Spanish.Letters on the Spanish Explorers and Missions Responses to letters from 4th grade students in Houston Texas.

Explorers and Exploration by Place Explored

22.New Mexico. New Mexico. New Mexico Handbook by Moon Travel Handbooks includes information on Spanish conquest

23. New Mexico. A New Mexico Timeline by Carlos Sisneros and Dion Martinez students at Pojoague Middle School

24. Brazil.Brazilian History: Discovery and settlement – Portuguese Discoveries Produced by Brazilian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

25. Brazil.Explorer Journals Douglas Meyer Portoo Seguro (Brasil) Global Learn, Inc

Specific Explorers

26. Balboa.The Great Explorers Vasco Nunez de Balboa This was a 7th grade group social studies project from East Hampton Middle School.

27. Balboa.Vasco Nunez de Balboa This is from the Hispanos Famosos site.

28.Cabeza De Vaca.The Journey of Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca. The is an English translation of Cabeza De Vaca’s journal and part of the Archives of the West to 1806 produced by PBS.

29. Cabot.Fact File: John and Sebastian Cabot This site is from the National Maritime Museum in Newport News Virginia

30. Cabot.John Cabot Great Explorer This appears to be a page developed by John Tarbell, an 8th grader, as part of a Newfoundland and Labrador Culture project.

31. Cabot.History of John Cabot This is a brief biography of John Cabot written by a student at Beaconfield High School in St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada.

32. Cabot.John Cabot This was a research project presented by a fifth grader at Gander Academy in Newfoundland, Canada.

33. Cabot.John Cabot and the 1497 voyage This was created as a result of The Matthew project. (The Matthew was the name of Cabot’s ship).

34.Cabral. Cabral, Pedro Alvares. Page provided by Electric Library presents

35. Cabral.Pedro Alvares Cabral This is a product of Tzauanakis Elementary School in Greencastle, IN.

36. Cabrillo.The Catholic Encyclopedia: Estevan (Juan) Cabrillo

37. Cabrillo. Coastal Navigation and Exploration of the Monterey Bay Area This page is presented by California State University at Monterey Bay and includes information on exploration by Juan Cabrillo and Francis Drake.

38. Cartier.Voyages of Jacques Cartier by The Mariners’ Museum Newport News, Virginia

39. Champlain.Samuel de Champlain Voyages, 1604

40. Columbus.1492 Exhibit

41. Columbus.Carmen Sandiego Connection Time Columbus and the New World 1493 This information from Britannica was reprinted with permission at this site

42. Columbus.Columbus mythbusters

43. Columbus.Columbus Navigation Homepage

44. Columbus.Explorations of Christopher Columbus by the Mariners’ Museum Newport News, Virginia.

45. Cook.Captain Cook Voyages of Discovery These were produced by The Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow.

46. Cook.Cook’s final voyage by the Mariners’ Museum Newport News, Virginia.

47. Cook.James Cook Voyage of the Endeavor 1768-1771

48. Cook.James Cook. Great Explorer This appears to be a page developed by John Tarbell, an 8th grader, as part of a Newfoundland and Labrador Culture project

49. Coronado.People in THE WEST Fransisco Vasquez de Coronado This was a PBS project developed by Lifetime Learning systems.

50. Coronado.A Most Famous Failing - Francisco Vasquez de Coronado This page was created by Bob Katz and written for Desert USA.

51. Coronado.The Story of Coronado This was written by Addison Erwin Sheldon as part of The History and Stories of Nebraska for Oldtime Nebraska. 52. Cortes.Empires past Aztecs Conquest This was developed by students for ThinkQuest.

53. Cortes.Buried Mirror. Conflict of the Gods. Transcript This is a video essay written and narrated by the Mexican writer and social commentator Carlos Fuentes. The original series of five video programs tells the story of Spanish and Latin American civilizations from the beginnings of history to the present time. The video series was funded by the Quinto Centenario of Spain and the Smithsonian Institution. It was first broadcast on the Discovery Channel in the spring of 1992.

54. Cortes.Buried Mirror. Hernan Cortes Timeline

55. Cortes.Gold Ancient History Info Sheet The New World - Pizarro and Atahualpa This is a World Gold Council Website. It is Gold Information Sheet # 1

56. Dias. The Catholic Encyclopedia: Bartolomeu Dias

57. Dias. Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex

58. Dias. Bartolomeu Dias

59. Drake.A Brief Biography of Sir Francis Drake This is by Compton’s Multimedia Encyclopedia.

60. Drake.Sir Francis Drake This was written by Lionel Ashcroft, historian for Marin County Historical Society in Tiburon, CA.

61. Drake.Sir Francis Drake This was created by Oliver Seeler who is writing a book entitled Francis Drake in Nova Albion – The Mystery Restored.

62. Drake.Coastal Navigation and Exploration of the Monterey Bay Area This page is presented by the California State University at Monterey Bay and includes information on exploration by Juan Cabrillo and Francis Drake.

63. Erickson.Leif Erickson Linkpage This is part of the Great Norwegians web pages developed by the Metropolitan News Company.

64. Erickson.Leif Ericsson. The Viking Network.

65.Erickson.Leif Eriksson the Lucky This is information from Britannica for Where in Time is Carmen San Diego?.

66.Erickson.Ericson This is from Compton's Online Encyclopedia.

67.Erickson.Leif Erikson Page by Kevin A. Weitemier.

68. Frobisher. Canadian Arctic Profiles: Martin Frobisher

69. Frobisher.Sir Martin Frobisher. Page prepared as part of a Canadian History Tour by students at the Arthur Meighen High School, Portage la Prairie Manitoba, Canada

70. Gama.Catholic Encyclopedia Vasco da Gama

71. Gama.Vasco da Gama’s Maritime Voyage to India 8 July 1497 This is part of the Monastery of Jeronimos site. The original site is in Spanish.

72. Hudson.Henry Hudson by the Mariners’ Museum Newport News, Virginia

73. Hudson.Who was Henry Hudson Anyway? And What Happened to Him? This was created by Half Moon Press. It is the May 1996 issue from Wescester, NY.

74. Hudson.United States of America and the Netherlands. Henry Hudson: an Englishman in Dutch Service Text was prepared by George M Welling for The American Revolution project 6/13/97 department of Alfa Information of University of Groningen (The Netherlands).

75. Jolliet.Compton’s Encyclopedia Online Jolliet, Louis.

76. Ponce de Leon.History of Bay County Florida. Ponce de Leon This is a product of Tommy Smith Elementary. School

77. Ponce de Leon.Ponce de Leon This is part of World History Online created by 10th grade world history students at Technology Academy at Apopka High School in Orange County Public Schools, Florida.

78. Magellan.Ferdinand Magellan by the Mariners’ Museum Newport News, Virginia.

79. Magellan.Ferdinand Magellan: The greatest voyager of them all This was written by: Raymond Schuessler in: "Sea Frontiers" (Sep-Oct 1984).

80. Pizarro.Virtual Galapagos - History – Ecuador: Conquest of Ecuador This is by TerraQuest.

81. Pizarro.In Search for Inca Gold Virtual Expedition. Ecuador Explorer

82. Pizarro.The Tragic Story of Francisco Pizarro This is a report by a 4th grader.

83. Prince Henry the Navigator.Prince Henry the Navigator by the Mariners’ Museum Newport News, Virginia.

84. Soto.De Soto National Memorial This is a page by the National Park Service in Bradenton, FL.

85. Soto.The Hernando de Soto Expedition This is a page by the National Park Service

86. Verrazano.The Catholic Encyclopedia: Giovanni Verrazano

87. Verrazano.Giovanni Verrazano This is a product of Tzauanakis Elementary School in Greencastle, IN.

88. Verrazano.Selected Biographical Profiles Giovanni da Verrazzano by the Mariners’ Museum Newport News, Virginia.

89. Vespucci.Life of Amerigo Vespucci This was written by James Canaday.