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Royal Observatory at Uccle
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Eric W. Elst, Astronomer at the Royal Observatory at Uccle

Eclipse of the sun (11-08-1999) at Etrépigny (French Ardennes)

Hale-Bopp at the Grand-Schmidt at Haute Provence

Homepage of Section 3 of Department II at Uccle

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Discovery of Minor Planets

Citations for Minor Planets

Minor Planet Discoverers

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Latest News

Discovery of a new minor planet at the Uccle Observatory by Eric W. Elst and Thierry Pauwels

Minor Planet 1998 DD33, discovered on 1998 Feb 17 at Uccle.

Reobservation of the Phocaea Object "Ulmerspatz" at the Hoher List observatory during June 2003

Ulmerspatz: Bild from "Das Branchenbuch und noch viel mehr für die Region Ulm".

Observation of a fast moving asteroid at the Uccle Observatory

FMO 2000 EW70, discovered by LINEAR (New Mexico), observed at the SCHMIDT-Telescope.